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Introducing Liquid Palisade: Liquid Painter’s Tape for Your Nails

Introducing Liquid Palisade: Liquid Painter’s Tape for Your Nails


By semick

It’s a pain to clean up after a messy water marble – and sometimes we wish we could just take care of it in one fell swoop. From the enormous response Liquid Palisade by Kiesque has received recently, we’re assuming that a lot of nail artists out there feel the same.

Liquid Palisade is essentially liquid painter’s tape for you nails. It’s a purple substance you apply on the skin around your cuticles before starting an involved nail design and then pull off in one easy piece with tweezers when you’re done. It dries fast, so just paint it on while prepping your nails and by the time you’re finished, it’s ready to peel.

Here’s a demo with it:


Bonus: you can also use it to create nail art. Apply it in a crescent shape close to the tip of your nail to create a French manicure, or do the same towards the lunula to do an easy Ruffian. It helps to add an extra glob of Liquid Palisade on one side of your strip that acts as a “tab” to pull the whole thing off when you’re done. You can also do reverse color designs by blocking out certain spaces and then layering polish over top.


Check out this nail art idea:

Plus, up until January 13, 2015, we’re giving away five tubes of Liquid Palisade. Enter both through Facebook and Instagram to double your chances of winning.


Images: Kiesque