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Innovative New Julep Lip Treatments

Innovative New Julep Lip Treatments


By niwp_admin

Lips can get dry and sun-damaged in the summer – and using cheap lip glosses often just makes the effect worse. Julep works hard to create new products and new formulas that are unlike anything you’ve tried before. This summer, they have a whole new line of products to keep your lips healthy, hydrated and pretty. Pick your need and get one (or both) of these hot new products:


Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment: We expected a thick serum for this one – instead Luxe Lip is satin-smooth and feels like silk sheets for your lips. We’ve never tried a gloss with a metal tip before – and it’s an incredible, cooling surprise! Plus it’s packed with vitamins and minerals help boost collagen loss and elasticity to keep your pout youthful. BuffLipScrub

Buff Lip Scrub: Ever have those pesky dry flakes on your lips? Banish those forever with this exfoliating pen. It has a soft foam tip which is nice on lips, but don’t be fooled: this guy is packed with fine sugar crystals that scrub off dead skin. Oh, and it smells good too!

[Images: Julep]