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Indie Polish Spotlight: Shimmer Polish

Indie Polish Spotlight: Shimmer Polish


By Elma

Meet Cindy, the founder of the glitter-saturated indie known as Shimmer Polish. Get the scoop on the maker and her tips in our interview with her below.

Us: How long have you been making your own polish? 
Cindy: Just about 2 years now; it’s been wonderful growing and developing new colors and styles!

How did you begin creating your own polishes? 
I have been making crafts for years and years. I began as a child and this just seemed like such a natural progression of my passions. I enjoy the creativity of making my own colors and I tried to create shades that I would have enjoyed looking at. I love sparkle and bling and this gave me more polishes to add to my nail polish obsession. Let’s just say I own more than I should.




What makes your line of lacquers unique? 
Unique microglitter/chunky glitter blends. You can wear them layered or individually. Shimmer Polishes tend to make good gradients depending on the shade of shimmer. 

Do any of your polishes have a totally different look layered over a colored base?
Yep! Here’s Katie over two different colors.



Is there a story behind your brand’s name? 
It’s my nickname! 

What’s the inspiration behind your lacquer colors? 
My friends and family helped to inspire me in various aspects of my life. The polishes are individually named after them, and it shows my love and gratitude towards them. Several polishes are even personal requests.

What is your best seller right now?
Baby Jovie! Check it out below.


What is your favorite polish you’ve ever created?
That would be Karina, a lovely red glitter.

Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use? 
OPI of course!

What’s one tip you wished you knew when you started your own indie line? 
Glitter floats and gets EVERYWHERE. I would have tried to contain the polish making in one room.


See Shimmer Polish online on…
Twitter: @shimmerpolish
Instagram: @shimmerpolish

[Images courtesy of Oh Three Oh Four, Liloo Nails, Sminkan, Peachy Polish, A Polish Addict]