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Indie Polish Spotlight: PolishPETS and PROWL! Nail Lacquer

Indie Polish Spotlight: PolishPETS and PROWL! Nail Lacquer


By Elma

No matter who you are, you can’t deny that these are adorable. Meet Samantha Muth, creator of PolishPETS and PROWL! Nail Lacquer and these fuzzy little guys.

Us: How long have you been making your own polish? 
Samantha: I started my brand in June 2013 and I’m reaching the 1 year mark very soon!

What’s your “day job”?
Before I started creating my own brand of nail polish, I helped run my parents’ pizza parlor in Alaska for about 4 years. I since then quit that job and moved to Washington with my family since it’s so difficult and expensive it is to run a nail polish business in Alaska, and started selling my products here full time. 


What makes your line of lacquers unique? 
PolishPETS is a completely new concept that I created to make nail polish even more special to each and every owner who buys one. They are furry, cuddly, super cute, and each one is special in it’s own way. I handcraft their furry bodies, eyes and PET boxes (that protect them while you’re painting). It’s quite a process, but I enjoy seeing my customers photos when they receive them. Some of my customers have even taken it a step further and created “Adventures of the PolishPETS” or even loved them so much they slept with them in bed! It’s amazing how much people enjoy this new and unique product that I’ve created and I’m happy to provide it!

Is there a story behind your brand’s name? 
I was originally going to name them PolishPALS, but as I started to make them they looked more like pets, and PolishPETS had a unique ring to it, so I chose to go with that instead.


What’s the inspiration behind your lacquer colors? 
I won’t say all, but most of the colors in our PolishPETS are inspired by the actual fur on them. Our regular Prowl! Nail Lacquer colors are inspired by just about anything and everything I come across.

What is your best seller right now? 
Our best seller currently is the Craving Rainbows PolishPET. There’s just something about rainbows that a lot of people love. I mean, who can resist a rainbo-furred PolishPET with a plethora of rainbow glitters encased in a shimmery golden base?


What is your favorite polish you’ve ever created? 
I’d have to say Rainbow Flurries is my favorite, which is a textured matte white base with rainbow glitters. This polish is coming back into stock so make sure to take a peek at our available swatches!


Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use? 
Another Indie that inspires me and I enjoy is Jindie Nails. She is a genius when it comes to her circle glitter mixes. If I’m going for a non independent brand, I would say China Glaze by far! Their formula is always so perfect!


What’s one tip you wished you knew when you started your own indie line? 
I’d have to say how to market and sell to nail polish and beauty buyers. You must do research to know what your customers want and give them that service or product in it’s best quality.

Any spoilers you’d like to share about your future collections?
We are currently working on a PouchPET. But that’s all I will say for now. We are still not sure when we will be releasing this. However, we just released our sub-line, PROWL! Nail Lacquer which caters to customers who are looking for regular but exceptional nail polish and body products and we will continue to add onto this brand all throughout the year! Don’t forget to catch our $10 mystery bags each month that contain lots of goodies and promotional items that have yet to be released.


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[Images: Instagram, Samantha Muth]