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Indie Polish Spotlight: Polished For Days

Indie Polish Spotlight: Polished For Days


By semick

Meet Jenna Barbour, the visionary behind the indie Polished For Days. We talked to her one-on-one to get to know the secrets behind the creamy lacquer.
Us: How long have you been making your own polish?
Jenna: I started doing research for Polished For Days in February of 2014 and started making polish in March of 2014. The support of everyone has been so overwhelming! There is so much love in the indie polish world!

What’s your “day job”?
I am a partial medical assistant and receptionist at a pediatrician’s office. Working with little kids all day is the best job ever.


Swatches by @mrslochness

How did you begin creating your own polishes?
I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and my dream for a long time has been to have my own makeup/nail polish line and making nail polish is the one thing you can do with your own two hands. I started doing my research online and have learned a lot of what works and what doesn’t and learning the indie polish world just comes with trying things yourself. After I found my supplier and made my first bottle, I was hooked. Everyone calls the room I make my nail polish in my “happy place,” and it really is. Wearing your own polishes and seeing others wear them is the most rewarding feeling.

What makes your line of lacquers unique?
I love doing specialty polishes, but sometimes less is more and I am not afraid to release a collection with solid colors. My newest collection Summer Days is made up of 6 solid jellies, and 3 glitter toppers. If one day you want a solid color and the next you want a glitter,  just use a glitter topper over your previous manicure and it changes the whole look!



Do any of your polishes have a totally different look layered over a colored base?
Bubble Trouble, Starry Nights, Where Have You Bling All My Life, and Dream Come True all look stunning over any color you choose. Any glitter topper can change based on the color you put underneath it, depending on the look you are going for!

Is there a story behind your brand’s name?
About 9 months ago, my best friend Abby and I started a makeup review/blog called Lashes For Days and I was going through my nail polish collection one night and I said something about “Polish For Days,” and here we are! I just love it, it’s so sassy and cute.

Blue Hawaiian, swatch by @mrslochness

Blue Hawaiian, swatch by @mrslochness

What’s the inspiration behind your lacquer colors?
I use so many things as inspiration such as nature, seasons, and holidays,  but my most recent collection is inspired by summer tropical colors. It’s really fun to mix colors, especially when you find that color you have pictured in your head. It’s the best feeling in the world!

What is your best seller right now?
I would say that the  Summer Days Collection as a whole is my best seller. Everyone seems to have a different favorite, I’m pretty in love with it. Previous to the release of Summer Days, my best seller was Dream Come True, a sparkly holographic glitter bomb which is still available.


What is your favorite polish you’ve ever created?
That’s so tough! The duo of Dream Come True and Once Upon A Time is so gorgeous. I probably stare at my nails the most when I have either of those on so I have to go with either one. I have a holographic addiction… but don’t we all at heart?

Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use?
My favorite store brand is Zoya; all of their polishes are so pretty and easy to use. My favorite indie is Loaded Lacquer. Heather’s business proved to me you can be successful in the indie world and still have a life, while being true to yourself.


Swatch by @mrslochness

What’s one tip you wished you knew when you started your own indie line?
I wish someone had told me to buy a respirator. When mixing, the polish is open to the air. It’s so strong and should not be inhaled.

Any spoilers you’d like to share about your future collections?   
On August 1st I released the Summer Days Collection! I most likely won’t have another collection until this fall/winter. I am a winter/Christmas fanatic so I’m sure there will be an over the top holiday collection!


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[Images: Jenna Barbour/@lashesfordaysblog, @mrslochness]