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Indie Polish Spotlight: Lolita Lacquer

Indie Polish Spotlight: Lolita Lacquer


By semick

Meet Mira Vanegas, the owner of the Lolita Lacquer! She’s a pharmacy typist, which means she interprets your doctor’s scraggly handwriting and types up your prescription. So how did she get into the indie world? Vanegas shares, “This job has made me more aware of my nails since I type and have to point at things constantly.” We talked to her more one on one to get her story as an indie creator.



Us: How did you begin creating your own polish? 
Vanegas: I was obsessed for a long time with researching the details of making my own polish. For months, I jotted down notes, saved websites on my browser, read forums and blogs. After that, I had a long trial and error period creating nail polish.


What makes your line of lacquer unique?
I tend to gravitate toward collections that include a mix of textures and crèmes. I try to come up with catchy names as well. I don’t want my customers to tell their friends they’re wearing blue polish. I want them to say, “Oh this? This is Slug Bug blue.”

PicsArt_1424874525908 Do you have any polishes that look different layered over a colored base?
Yes! We love glitter toppers!  We have a glitter topper in our Dino Digits collection that reminds our customers of Mickey Mouse, Legos, Andy Warhol, or Jurassic Park – it just depends on which base color you apply.


What is the inspiration behind your lacquer colors?
In addition to small things in my day to day life, I also draw a lot of inspiration from my heritage. I am half Mexican, so we did an Aguas Frescas collection last year as well as some Raspado mani bombs. We are also working on a Day of the Dead collection.


What is your best seller?
Our Trollita collection has been selling very well so far!

PicsArt_1424837169422What is your favorite polish you have ever created?
Jaw-llo from our Dino Digits collection!

What other brand do you love?
EC polish!  Their crèmes are amazing!

Any spoilers?

We are working on a Day of the Dead collection with some mani bombs that have scents familiar to the Hispanic community. Also we plan to do our Lacq-Car Club collection Part 2 which are Car Club-inspired colors!


Find Lolita Lacquer online:

Instagram: @lolitalacquer





Images: Mira Vanegas, Jennifer Collins of Lacquered Mama