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Indie Polish Spotlight: Jior Couture

Indie Polish Spotlight: Jior Couture


By semick

Sacha Junique and 11-year old Ari Jiordan form a mother-daughter team bound together by a common love for lacquer. They started creating and selling their own nail lacquer in 2010 and named their brand Jior Couture. We talked to them one-on-one to learn more about their 3-free and quirky colors!

Us: What’s your “day job”?
Ari: My day ‘job’ is being a middle school student.
Sacha: I manage our family of 5 and operate Jior Couture full time.

How did you begin creating your own polishes?
Sacha: Ari and I were getting weekly salon mani/pedis since she was 3 years old. When all the info about the “big 3” came into the news, we stopped going.
Ari: I was around 5 or 6 years old when and I remember saying to my mom, “If only we could make our own safe polishes.” That’s how Jior Couture began.

What makes your line of lacquers unique?
Ari: My mom lets me have so much creative freedom when it comes to creating and naming our lacquers.  We’re truly a mother-daughter team. We put so much thought and love into what we do. When we get emails from our customers saying they love everything about their order, from the product to our signature wrapping paper, it’s great! I know we’re doing something great.
Sacha: For me it’s that ALL our lacquers are limited edition. Once they’re sold out they don’t get restocked. We usually put out 25-50 bottles of each color and 25 complete sets. That’s it. We’ve found our lacquers on so many “unicorn” or hard-to-find polish lists. When you purchase a lacquer from us you know that lacquer is pretty special and unique.

Do any of your polishes have a totally different look layered over a colored base?
All our jellies do!

jellyJior Jellies (swatch by Eng of @sisterlacquer)

jelliesJior Jellies (swatch by Eng of @sisterlacquer)

Our Holo At Me holographic top coat looks amazing alone or layered over a colored base.

holo at meHolo At Me top coat  (swatch by Amy of @tepiddeath)

jellies with holo top coatHolo At Me top coat over Jior Jellies (swatch by Amy of @tepiddeath)

Jior White and Jior Black are not only great bases for nail art but they also stamp beautifully over other colors.

whiteJior White and Jior White jelly (swatch by Amy of @tepiddeath)

Is there a story behind your brand’s name?
Jior comes from Ari’s middle name, which is Jiordan. Many people pronounce it like Jee-or. It’s actually one syllable and pronounced like ‘your’ or ‘tour’.

What’s the inspiration behind your lacquer colors?
Ari: We get inspiration from everywhere! I’m really into fashion and designing so I spend a lot of time in the fabric stores. So much of my inspiration comes from all the colors and patterns of the fabrics.

What is your best seller right now?
Jior White, Jior Jellies and the Heal Me and Seal & Protect Me set are the ones with the most repeat customers. Our current collections are selling out pretty fast too!

jior couture classic white cremeJior White (swatch by Lelia instagram @grneyegoddess7

jellies_setJior Jellies

balm_duoHeal Me and Seal & Protect Me

What is your favorite polish you’ve ever created?
Ari: My favorite is ‘Jior 2013’ which was a max glitter lacquer. That was our first ‘official’ lacquer for sale on our online store. I created it! It was just so exciting seeing my vision come to life! Thinking of Jior 2013 still brings a huge smile to my face.

Jior 2013

Sacha: I go through the Jior stash and my favorite changes every time. Right now, because it’s Halloween time and I was looking at last year’s collection, I’ll say Precious Faery Vagina a mega flakie lacquer that could be worn alone or as a topper and I’m Kind Of A Big Deal a multi chrome. They’re both from our Halloween 14 collection called As Your Indie Maker I Command You inspired by True Blood. It was a collaboration I did with Lelia from Green Goddess Creations.

Precious Faery vaginaPrecious Faery Vagina (swatched by Kim of @kimiko7878)

I'm-Kind-Of-A-Big-Deal-swatches-7I’m Kind Of A Big Deal (swatched by @Narmai of

Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use?
I tend to stick to other indies! I love supporting other indies. I have so many brands that I can’t name them all.

Any spoilers you’d like to share about your future collections?
Well our Fall ’15 collection is As a MATTEr of Fall!

Sahyly bonfire macroBonfire from the As a MATTEr of Fall collection, swatched by Sahyly instagram @lylynails

pontianakPontianak from their Halloween ’15 collection, swatched by Lelia of @grneyegoddess7
Our Halloween ’15 collection Ladies of the Fright just released. Our Winter/Holiday collection will be released in November. We’re also working on a line of stamping lacquers.

We would just like to add thank you so much to Nail It! magazine for honoring us with an Indie Polish Spotlight and we would also like to thank all our Jior supporters!

Instagram: @jiorcouture
Twitter: @jiorcouture

Image credit: Amy of @tepiddeath, Babi of, Beckie of, Eng of @sisterlacquer, Kim of @kimiko7878, Lelia of @grneyegoddess7, Narmai of, and Sahyly of @lylynails