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Indie Polish Spotlight: Glitter Lambs

Indie Polish Spotlight: Glitter Lambs


By niwp_admin

Meet Jamie Rosier, creator of the sparkly indie, Glitter Lambs! We talked to her and got to know everything behind the shimmery, glittery lacquers.

Us: How did you begin creating your own polishes?
Jamie: One disaster after another. I first decided I wanted to make my own polishes a couple of years ago. After several failed attempts and a lot of messed up polish I kind of let it go by the wayside for a while, but last year I decided to give it another shot. With some more research and some fine-tuning I finally got the mix I wanted to make a one-coat glitter bomb.

How long have you been making your own polish?
September 30, 2013


Lacquered-Lori-Kawaii-Bake-Sale-Swatch-of-Glitter-Lambs-Nail-Polish-2Kawaii Bake Sale

What’s your day job?
Wife, Mother, Owner/Operator/Administrator of multiple websites including my two favorites Church House Collection and Glitter Lambs.

Whats the inspiration behind your lacquers colors?
Food! We have a lot of polishes that aren’t food themed, but we always find it fun to incorporate those tempting tasty treats any chance we get. The visual appeal of macaroons, cotton candy, ice cream, snow-cones, powdered donuts, jelly beans, cinnamon buns, banana splits make for great pictures! They just make your mouth water. People get excited when they ask what polish you are wearing and it’s even better when you give them a food name that looks like what it says it is. We also have some that are scented to match!

Lacquered-Lori-Kawaii-Bake-Sale-Swatch-of-Glitter-Lambs-Nail-PolishKawaii Bake Sale


What is your best seller right now?
Kawaii Bake Sale



Million Dollar Gradient

What is your favorite polish you ever created?
Million Dollar Gradient

Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use?
Essie or Salon Perfect


Selina-Rockell-Million-Dollar-Gradient-Gold-Glitter-Topper-Nail-Polish-Swatch-of-Glitter-Lambs-Nail-PolishMillion Dollar Gradient

What’s one tip you wish you knew when you started your own indie line?
There are so many things I would have like to have known. But one of the most important is finding those reliable suppliers that will send you quality products in a timely manner.


Lifeisbetterpolished-Kawaii-Bake-Sale-glitter-topper-nail-polish-by-glitter-lambs-nail-polishKawaii Bake Sale

See Glitter Lambs online:
Online store:
Instagram: @glitterlambs 

[Images: Jamie Rosier, Lacquered Lori, @lifeisbetterpolished, @selinarockell]