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Indie Polish Spotlight: Comet Vomit

Indie Polish Spotlight: Comet Vomit


By semick

The combinations of colors, textures, and glitters are endless when it comes to polish– even more so with an incredible number of lacquer fans now making their own. We will be spotlighting a favorite of ours each week so you can have a taste of the talent. Our first is a talk with Tiffany Whitten, the creativity behind Comet Vomit. We got the chance to ask her all about her brand, how it begun, and what makes it unique!


Nail It!: How long have you been making your own polish?
Tiffany: Since January 2013.

How did you begin creating your own polishes?
I LOVE nail polish. My collection had grown to around 200 bottles when I started reading about indie polishes. I’m a total DIY girl and I really enjoy a challenge of trying to create my own versions of things I love. I spent my Christmas bonus from work on my first round of supplies and dove in head first!

Is there a story behind your brand’s name?
Okay, I LOVE all things related to space and sci-fi. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to astronomy and physics. I brainstormed for days trying to come up with a brand name. I knew when I came up with it, I would just know. I was reading an article about when Stephen Hawkings got to fly in the “Vomit Comet” which is the Zero-G training plane. In my mind, I flipped the words to Comet Vomit and just knew I had my answer. I ran to find a pen, as if I could forget an idea like that!




What’s the inspiration behind your lacquer colors?
All of my lacquers are inspired by space and sci-fi! I’ve been into Star Trek, Star Wars, and astronomy in general since my childhood. Sometimes I come up with a name first, other times I come up with the polish first and then brainstorm for a fitting name. Some are inspired by characters from shows or movies, old classic sci-fi books, or astrological phenomena. I love things that are colorful and fun and I LOVE GLITTER.

What is your best seller right now?
Cosmosis is my current best seller!

Im a Doctor, Not a Cosmetologist


What is your favorite polish you’ve ever created?
SUCH a hard choice… but I think the one I wear the most is I’m a Doctor, Not a Cosmetologist!

Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use?
I really love China Glaze. I have a boat load of China Glaze polishes. I think they offer good collections, have a huge variety and are nicely priced for mass market polish.

Indigo Bananas glitter

Protoplanetary Disco and Rendezvous with Rainbows


Do any of your polishes have a totally different look layered over a colored base?
Protoplanetary Disco and Rendezvous with Rainbows are both top coats that can go over any polish. However, many of my polishes have jelly styles formula that layer very nicely over complimentary colors.
Any spoilers you’d like to share about your future collections?
I’m planning something for the Dr. Who fans for sure! Along with probably some comic book creations as well. I just released a line of nail polish gem jewelry and a line of lip balms… eye shadows are on the horizon as well!


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Images: Tiffany Whitten