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Indie Polish Spotlight: Coco Rae Cosmetics

Indie Polish Spotlight: Coco Rae Cosmetics


By Elma

Meet Courtney Vines, the creativity behind Coco Rae Cosmetics! Courtney is a little different from those who mix lacquers of their own in their own home. Instead, she has worked with a manufacturer to brand her own colors of nail polish and lipstick – taking hues straight from the latest trends in fashion. She just launched herSpring/Summer 2014 Queen collection, which was inspired by all things Beyoncé! Get to know her and her brand better in our interview below.




How long have you been making your own polish? 
For two years now. I started the business in 2012.

What’s your “day job”? 
I work as a Brand Specialist at Target.

How did you begin creating your own polishes? 
I actually started creating polishes because I am a mother of two and I never have a lot of time to go to the nail salon. So I decided to partner with a nail polish manufacturer to help me create my own line which is 4 Free of the harmful chemicals; Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. (So it’s technically 5 Free!) 

What makes your line of lacquers unique? 
When I make a new collection, I use inspiration around me and I have people close to me help out on choosing names for the lacquers. Also the lacquers are eco-friendly and vegan.

Do any of your polishes have a totally different look layered over a colored base?
Is there a story behind your brand’s name? The story behind the name is that I created the name by putting together my nickname “Coco” and my daughter’s middle name “Rae” together. At the time of starting the business she was my only child and I wanted to dedicate something to her.


What’s the inspiration behind your lacquer colors?
I think of colors throughout the day. So when I am working and see color trends, I like to add them to my collection so that you can match your nails to your outfits. The names of the colors just pop up in my head and I have to put them in my notepad to use for later.

What is your best seller right now?
My best seller right now is Surfboard form the S/S ‘14 Queen Collection.     




Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use?
I really love OPI and Essie.

Any spoilers you’d like to share about your future collections?   
I am working on the Fall 2014 Collection now. I am possibly working on a mini summer 4-piece set, which will feature neon colors and my first time mixing different glitters in with the neons.


Check out the Coco Rae shop:

[Images: Courtney Vines, Coco Rae, LLC.]