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ICYMI: Red Carpet Manicures On The Victoria’s Secret Runway

ICYMI: Red Carpet Manicures On The Victoria’s Secret Runway


By Dale Arden Chong


If you didn’t get the chance to tune in to the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night on CBS, the Angels landed in Paris at the Grand-Palais. Between the epic costumes and wings and the gorgeous long-legged women who strutted proudly down the catwalk, Victoria’s Secret keeps bringing the A game when it comes to putting on a great show.

This year came with a lot of new changes, whether it’s focusing on the natural hair and beauty of each model, or having the first pair of sisters walk the runway, Victoria’s Secret has been bringing out all the guns. They also teamed up Red Carpet Manicure as the first ever nails partner for the fashion show. Working with celebrity manicurist Elle to create nail art inspired by the looks as well as simple, clean nails for the show and a special embellished look for the PINK Nation section, Victoria’s Secret and Red Carpet Manicure brought a whole new level to the runway.


To create the look for everyday, Elle used RCM Candid Moments. For the PINK Nation girls, the models wore Silk Slip, which will be available early 2017, with Swarovski embellishments.

“We wanted to bring it to a newer level for [Victoria’s Secret], but of course, with the multiple looks and all the busyness going on, they really stayed much more subdued. We created a board for the inspiration showing what gel can do now days, how you can adhere stones, how you can create fancy looks…there are so many things you can create with gel,” Elle explained.

Watch how Elle achieved the PINK Nation look here.

Elle created nail art inspired by the different sections from the show.

To say nails are the ultimate accessory would be an understatement.

—Dale Arden Chong

[Images: Courtesy of Red Carpet Manicure and The Beachwaver Co.]