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How to Use the New Messy Mansion Stamping Templates

How to Use the New Messy Mansion Stamping Templates


By semick

If you’re a serial stamper, you probably already have the essentials: a stamper, scraper, plates, and polish. But just because you’ve mastered the basics doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all.


Messy Mansion has a brand new kit of stamping extras designed to make the process smoother or allow you to try out entirely new effects. The Accessories Kit 2.0 contains five items: a standard scraper (about the same as a credit card), a light scraper, an ultra-light scraper for picking up very fine details, and two metal templates.

Messy_Mansion_Stamping_templateThe templates are used to pick up only specified regions of stamping plates with large designs. With the standard-shaped template, first choose the hole that matches the shape and size of your nail, then lay it over the part of the plate you wish to use (once you’ve already applied your polish to it). When you then roll your stamper over the design centered within the template, it will only pick up the portion you want to use – meaning less cleanup for you later. With the shape template, you can pick up a part of the stamping plate in a specified geometric shape. Think arrows, circles, stars, triangles and more.


Watch and see the demo in full:

The Accessories Kit 2.0 are available for pre-order now (expected release date is April 30):



Images and video: Messy Mansion/Julia McGowan