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How to Use the Ellagee Lickity Split Latex-Free Mani Mask

How to Use the Ellagee Lickity Split Latex-Free Mani Mask


By semick

Nail artists have been using liquid latex to make clean-up for messier manicures fast and easy, but what about those poor folks out there with latex allergies? What about their messy nail clean-ups? Luckily, Ellagee has introduced the Lickety Split Latex-Free Mini Mask which essentially does the same thing as liquid latex, without the latex.

Lickety-Split-Latex-Free-Mani-Mask-Bottle-StringThis product is ideal for those with latex allergies or anyone who simply wants to avoid the strong latex odor.

Here’s how Heather from ifeelpolished used the mini mask to keep her mess to a minimum while water marbling her nails:

First, paint a thin layer of the Latex-Free Mini Mask around the nail. Note: This product will be thicker than a liquid latex usually is, and can take up to five minutes to dry.

Lickety-Split-Latex-Free-Mani-Mask-Painting-OnOnce the mask is dry, feel free to paint, sponge, or dip the nails as you like!
Lickety-Split-Latex-Free-Mani-Mask-Fresh-MarbleOnce the nails are finished, simply peel off the mask with tweezers, and the mess along with it!

Lickety-Split-Latex-Free-Mani-Mask-Peeling-Off Lickety-Split-Latex-Free-Mani-Mask-Just-PeeledTo remove any leftover pieces of the Mini Mask, simply wash the skin with soap and water. Remember to wipe any excess off of the bottle neck and close tightly after each use.



Bonus: This mask can also be used for nail art by painting directly onto the nail in lines or designs where you do not want the polish to go!


Images: Heather