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How to Make Your Regular Polish Look Like Gel

How to Make Your Regular Polish Look Like Gel


By Elma

While the long-lasting qualities of a gel polish manicure are alluring, you likely already have a mountainous collection of traditional lacquers in your stash in all colors and brands. To maximize the potential of the products you already have, celebrity manicurist and fan of Duri Cosmetics Carla Kay shares how to paint an at-home manicure that lasts and shines like gel – but with polish!
1. Kay suggests trying a “waterless manicure,” since placing hands in a bowl of water prior to painting expands the nail bed causing the polish to take longer to dry. Start out with using Duri’s Cuticle Remover and brush over the nail before pushing back the cuticle. Next, use a warm washcloth to wipe the remover off toward the back of the hand. Kay suggests skipping the cuticle cutting unless there’s a visible part sticking out that needs to be trimmed. After pushing back the cuticle, the nail should be clean of skin. 

2. Apply Herbatheraphy, Duri’s blend of all natural herb extracts and sprig of Thyme.  Herbatherapy helps make nails grow healthy and strong.  Use a soft micro buffer to gently work the oil into the nail beds for a soft smooth finish.

3. For filing, you can use a 180 grit soft file to work on corner-to-center and then the opposite. You want to make sure you are not over filing the nail and avoid using a sawing motion. Use the nail shape as a guide to shaping your nails. For example, an oval shape is best if you have slender nail beds. You can always slightly taper the nails inward for a more slendering effect.

4. Once cuticles are pushed back and the nails are filed and buffed, wash hands with warm soap and water and dry completely. For weak or damaged by gels or acrylics, apply Duri’s Rejuvacote 2 to help strengthen and rebuild the nails back to good health. This is also very important because is also works as a base for making the manicure last longer. Then, apply one coat of polish and allow to dry for 1-2 minutes before applying the second coat and again, waiting 1-2 minutes to dry.

5. Finish off with Duri’s Non-Yellowing Top Coat. This will help the polish dry quickly and seal it for a chip-free manicure or pedicure that has been known to last up to 12 days or more. For quick in-between maintenance, you can apply Duri’s French Herbs Cuticle Oil to hydrate nails and make them look fresh.

*For the best results, do not apply hand lotion until after the nail polish is completely dry. This avoids over saturating the nail bed from having any residue that causes polish chipping.    

Carla Kay is a celebrity manicurist living in Los Angeles whose clients include Jennifer Lawrence, Gwen Stefani and Shakira. Her cutting-edge creativity and expertise have made her a visionary in the world of manicuring and pedicuring, keeping her clients coming back for more dazzling digits.

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