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How to Grow Nails Long and Strong

How to Grow Nails Long and Strong


By semick

Having long nails is not achievable without having strong nails! Your nails need to be resilient to conditions that may jeopardize its length (i.e. typing, cleaning, sports, etc). Blogger Lisa-Estrella Yang of A Positive Beauty has set out a list of tips that to grow and maintain long nails. If short nails are more your thing, still check out the tips for stronger nails!

IMG_6254What I Do For Strengthening

What foods are you putting into your body? A balanced diet (read: not just pizza!) plays a large factor in nail health!

Drink your water daily! Create a reachable goal of drinking a certain number of ounces per day to hydrate your body. Ideal goal: 8 glasses; 8 oz. each.

Carry a travel-size bottle of lotion, cuticle cream, or cuticle oil. Massage the product all over your cuticles and nail bed to restore moisture throughout the day. Vitamin E, organic coconut oil, and Argan oil are your heroes to keeping dryness and brittleness at bay. My favorite is hand cream by Simpatico ($22)! My hands stay moisturized throughout the whole day, but take note that it does leave a your hands a little slippery. Works fabulous on the cuticles.

Gently rub your chosen oil over your nails and cuticles before hitting the pillow for an increase of moisturizing time.

Using an acetone-based nail polish remover? Thoroughly wash your hands with gentle soap that has added moisturizing agents (e.g. SoftSoap’s Soothing Aloe Vera). Though acetone is a very effective remover it is also very drying!

Wear rubber gloves whenever exposing your nails to chemicals! Such situations include but are not limited to: washing dishes; cleaning; hand-washing clothes. Nails are 10 times more absorbent than skin, according to Dana Stern, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist who specializes in nails and nail disorders. So it is no surprise that your nails will absorb not only water but also the chemicals that come with it.

Strong-nailsWhat I Do For Lengthening

File a little bit of your nails (about .5 – 1 cm) to rid of any possible chipped ends once a week. This ritual enables a smoother process of growth.

Do not use your nails to open containers, to roughly pick at things, or any other laborious actions. Doing so will earn you a ticket to shorter, chipped nails. Instead, use the pad of your fingers.


Also try this tasty recipe for a strawberry smoothie packed with vitamins that benefit your nail heath!


Note: These tips are not to be used as a treatment for any health conditions nor are they medical advice. Participate at your own risk.

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Lisa-Estrella Yang is a pro-self-esteem beauty activist and was a semi-finalist in Sally Hansen’s 2014 #iheartnailart contest.