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How To Fix Any Nail Problem…Ever

How To Fix Any Nail Problem…Ever


By James

If you’ve ever had a nail crisis – broken nails, smudged polish, cracks, or more – we’re here to help! Get the scoop on how to solve all your most common nail conundrums.

How do I fix…?

A broken nail: Even out jagged issues with a 240-grit file. Remember to only file in one direction to prevent splitting!

A small split in the nail: Repair a tiny tear with a toothpick and a dab of nail glue. Drop a bit of glue in and hold the nail in place for a few seconds until glue starts to dry. Once it’s hard, file with a fine grit nail file to make surface even.

A large tear in the nail: Mend large cracks by using nail glue to carefully adhere a tea or coffee filter to the nail. Once the glue dries, lightly buff the nail using a buffing block followed by a coat of clear polish to smooth out bumps. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge, a salon can repair this with a silk or fiberglass wrap.

A nail that’s broken too low: Don’t use nail glue in sensitive areas next to open skin. Get Micropore paper tape (available at drugstores), cut it in shape of your nail, push in place for twenty seconds, and then polish. Alternatively, a salon can mask a broken or missing nail with acrylic.

Hangnails: Don’t rip them off! Trim away the dead skin with sharp nail scissors or nippers. Use a cuticle oil to keep fingertips hydrated and to reduce likelihood of future hangnails.

Brittle nails: Fortify nails with a nail hardener. It keeps keratin in nails, stimulates growth, and keeps your tips strong.

Weak nails: Taking vitamin B7 and eating a diet rich in protein have both been shown to strengthen nails. Seek out your salon for regular gel manicures that will give added thickness to flimsy nails.

Smudges: If your polish is still wet, dip the whole nail into cuticle oil and then gently rub out the smudged spot with your finger. If your polish has dried, dab your fingertip into a polish remover and run it lightly over the smeared surface. Also, always coat newly polished nails with cuticle oil – this creates an added protective barrier between your polish and surfaces.

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