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How to Create Our Less + More Blocked Chaos Nail Art!

How to Create Our Less + More Blocked Chaos Nail Art!


By niwp_admin


No matter if you like a little bit of nail art or a lot, we have you covered with our “Less + More” column in every issue of Nail It!. For the September/October 2013 issue, we tasked nail artist Destinee Handly with creating both subtle and all-out nail art designs based on this “Blocked Chaos” kaleidoscope dress from the fall 2013 Peter Pilotto runway. Follow these step-by-steps for the “Minimal” and “Maximal” designs! —Karie L. Frost


+ Opaque white nail polish
+ Gold nail polish
+ Base coat
+ Top Coat
+ Black nail art striper
+ Black rhinestones
+ Nail glue


Step 1: Shape nails, creating a round oval edge. Polish nails with two coats of white (Handly used OPI Alpine Snow). Allow to dry.

Step 2: Sweep gold polish (Handly likes Floss Gloss Stun) across all four corners of the nail, making sure to mirror the brush strokes on each side (left and right).

Step 3: Once the gold polish dries, use a black nail art striper to outline the gold corners. (Handly likes Le Chat CM Nail Art Paint with Striper Brush.)

Step 4: Finish the design by adhering three black rhinestones at the base of the nail. Handly offers this tip: “If you don’t want to use crystals, simply use a dotting tool to create three black dots in a clover formation.” Top coat the entire design.




+ Opaque white nail polish
+ Yellow gold nail polish
+ Pearly white nail polish
+ Dark metallic brown nail polish
+ Dark blue nail polish
+ Light blue nail polish
+ Base coat
+ Top Coat
+ Black nail art striper
+ Dotting tool
+ Striping tape
+ Black flat diamond embellishments
+ Black rhinestones
+ Tweezers
+ Nail glue



Step 1: Polish nails with two coats of white (Handly used OPI Alpine Snow). Allow to dry. 

Step 2: Mix together a yellow-gold polish with pearly white polish to set up the color for your gold gradient. Create at least five variations, adding less white each time so that the color is a shade darker than the previous mixture.

Step 3: Paint a vertical line of your lightest mixed gold at the cuticle, starting on the right side. Create your gradient by repeating this process, using a shade darker with each line, and overlapping each brush stroke slightly with the previous stroke.

Step 4: Using a dark brown metallic polish and beginning just left of the middle of the cuticle area, paint a vertical line over your gold gradient. Repeat the process of overlapping brush strokes, working toward the left side of the nail, until you complete the brown portion of the gradient.

Step 5: Using a black striper, draw a line sweeping up and across the top of the sectioned gradient.

Step 6: Using a black striper, paint two vertical lines that begin at the black horizontal line you just painted, and meet along the tip of the nail.

Step 7: Using a dotting tool and black and white polish, create varying sizes of dots between the two black vertical lines and above the horizontal black line. Allow some of the dots to overlap one another.

Step 8: Create the repeating black stone pattern with black flat diamond-shaped embellishments (try:Dollar Nail Art Metallic Diamonds in Black) and black rhinestones. Handly used nail glue, and then very carefully placed the flat diamonds in a crisscross formation. Then, she applied glue on top of the diamonds, and placed a black rhinestone at the very top of each crisscross.

Step 9: Place striping tape horizontally on the white sides of the nail, outside of the black lines, spacing it evenly down the length of the nail.

Step 10: Dab a dark blue polish fading into a light blue polish over the tape on one side. Then, reverse the direction of light to dark on the other side to create opposite blue gradients.

Step 11: Once the polish dries, remove the striping tape. Top coat the entire design.