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How to Apply Makellos Press-On Nails

How to Apply Makellos Press-On Nails


By semick

Polish is awesome, but sometimes you just want to get pretty, perfect nails without worrying about smooshing your wet lacquer on the way out the door. That’s why we’re all about Makellos Nails right now – they’re press-on nails that don’t look like press-ons. They come in chic colors and styles that look like they’re straight from the salon, and their thin and flexible design fits naturally and comfortable right over your natural nail.

(Plus, with Makellos nails you can get this spectacular mirrored finish you can never quite achieve with polish alone.)

Here’s how to apply them:

pinterest-(1)Step 1: Starting by pushing back cuticles and then rubbing alcohol on clean nails to remove oil (this will help them adhere better).

pinterest-(2)Step 2: Choose the best fitting press-on for each of your natural nails.

pinterest-(3)Step 3: Make your life easier by organizing your nails for easy access before you start applying them.

pinterest-(4)Step 4: Apply two thin coats of nail glue; wait ten seconds between the first and second coat.

pinterest-(5)Step 5: Put the press-on over your natural nail, pressing down firmly. Make sure to not glue any edges of your nail to your skin!

pinterest-(6)Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you’re finished with all the nails.

pinterest-(7)Step 7: File down your artificial nails to your liking.

pinterest-(8)Step 8: And you’re done! Enjoy!

Images: Makellos Nails