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Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer

Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer


By Kiana Martin

If you’re looking for a unique indie nail polish brand whose polishes are named after iconic songs and musicians, we’ve found just the match for you in Deborah Moore’s Honey Bunny Lacquer line. Here, an interview with the creator where we discuss how she got started, Honey Bunny’s growth and what fans can expect in future collections.

Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer

Meet Deborah Moore, the creator of Honey Bunny Lacquer. | Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer; read the interview at

Meet Deborah Moore, the creator of Honey Bunny Lacquer.

It’s no surprise that someone as driven, positive and creative as Deborah Moore would go on to start a successful (and quirky) indie polish line while working as a call center agent for a local hospital, a day job she loves. Her line, Honey Bunny Lacquer, was created as the solution to the serious lack of fun polishes on the market. After one look at the brand’s Etsy shop, it becomes clear that Deborah is more than capable of filling this void with lacquer creations that border on the cosmic and never disappoint. If vibrant colors in incredible finishes aren’t your thing, you might fall for the fact that every Honey Bunny polish is named after a favorite song or musician of Deborah’s. With names like “Computer Blue”, “Fade to Black” and “Harvest Moon”, it’s hard to not want to hoard every HBL polish ever created.

Here, an interview with the polish-preneur on her indie line, Honey Bunny Lacquer.

Nail It!: How long have you been making your own polish?

Deborah: I started frankening polish back in 2009-2010 which lead to me buying supplies and making my own polishes around 2011. I didn’t open my (Etsy) shop until late 2012.

How did you begin creating your own polishes?

I was so bored with the polishes I had, and nothing out there interested me. Except for my beloved RBL’s, I didn’t feel like I had anything unique in my collection so I started mixing my own colors.

What’s your “day job”?

I’m blessed with a very interesting day job. I work in a call center at a local hospital. I page doctors to notify them of the patients in ER, nurses that are taking care of in-patients that need to speak to a doctor about their care or patients (calling) from home and need to speak to their doctor after hours. We also page out the Catheterization team for heart attacks; the Endoscopy team, Echo, EEG/EKG are on call. It’s a very interesting and fulfilling job.

What makes your indie line unique?

I try to make colors that you don’t see often. I make a lot of mattes. To me, they are like getting two polishes in one bottle. I make sure they (my polishes) have tons of shimmer so when you use a top coat, they sparkle like crazy!

What, if any, is the story behind your brand’s name?

It’s a cute little name I thought flowed well together.

Describe your creative process from the moment you come up with a color to the moment an order is shipped.

I’ll look through photographs or Pantone swatches to decide which colors I’m going to use for the season. As far as inspiration, it could be anything I see; from a bright paint job on a car to a beautiful flower or bouquet, or even an ad in a fashion magazine. Because I think and think before I actually sit down to do it, I’m usually happy with it on the first mix. If I screw it up, I take a break and think about what I did wrong before I work on it again. Then, when I have my possibilities ready for my collection, I start wearing them to test for straining, wear time, etc. This is always out of season too since I do this months in advance. My hands never match so I can wear twice as many colors at once. If a polish stains my nails in the slightest, it never makes it to the shop. I will not sell anything that I don’t think is good enough to wear on my own nails.

What is your best seller?

By far, my best seller has been “I Put a Spell On You”. When I made it, I never dreamed it would take off like it has! It’s a blue/tan thermal that is holographic and has UCC flakes.

Honey Bunny Lacquer - I Put a Spell on you (blue and tan thermal) | Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer; read the interview at

“I Put a Spell on You” (blue and tan thermal) polish.

What’s your personal favorite?

That’s hard to choose but I’m pretty partial to “Hazy Shade of Winter.” It’s a white base with copper, gold and bronze flakes in it. It’s so beautiful.

Honey Bunny Lacquer - Hazy Shade of Winter (white polish with copper, gold and bronze flakes) | Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer; read the interview at

“Hazy Shade of Winter” (white polish with copper, gold and bronze flakes)

Other than your own, what’s your favorite brand of polish to use?

For mainstream, I really love China Glaze. They suck me in with some of their collections; they make some gorgeous colors. For indies, I love my girl Melissa at MDJ Creations. She makes beautiful and unique colors that dry fast. She has great customer service too.

If you could work with any musician/band to create a polish, who would it be?

Stevie Nicks. I’ve loved her since I was young. Her style is unmatched. How amazing would it be to work with her?

What’s one thing you wished you knew before you started your own line?

How incredibly boring and horrible paperwork is. It’s, by far, my least favorite chore.

Any spoilers you’d like to divulge regarding your future collections?

More thermals, more mattes and more holos.

What’s in the future for Honey Bunny Lacquer in terms of growth?

I’d like to work less hours at my day job and devote more hours to concentrating on my shop.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Never announce your moves before you make them.

What advice would you share for hopefuls looking to start their own line?

Research, research, research. Also, it will take lots of time. You make the polish and then you let it sit for weeks or even months to make sure it is OK to release. It won’t happen overnight. When I opened my shop, I told myself that I would be happy if I got just one sale. I went in with that attitude instead of wanting to be the next huge indie, and I was so happy with the sales I got! And they’ve steadily grown every year! Set realistic goals and celebrate all of your accomplishments. 🙂

See more Honey Bunny Lacquers below!

Honey Bunny Lacquer - When Doves Cry (purple matte) | Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer; read the interview at

“When Doves Cry” (purple matte)

Honey Bunny Lacquer - Goin' Crazy (orange and yellow thermal) | Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer; read the interview at

“Goin’ Crazy” (orange and yellow thermal)

Honey Bunny Lacquer - Blue Monday (blue and white thermal) | Indie Polish Spotlight: Honey Bunny Lacquer; read the interview at

“Blue Monday” (blue and white thermal)

Visit the Honey Bunny Lacquer Etsy Shop here.

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