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Here’s How To Vote For Your Favorite Beauty Vlogger In The NYX FACE Awards

Here’s How To Vote For Your Favorite Beauty Vlogger In The NYX FACE Awards


By Dale Arden Chong

If you’re someone who can spend hours upon hours watching YouTube beauty vloggers completely transform themselves, then you’re in for a treat. NYX is holding its sixth annual Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites Awards, otherwise known as the FACE Awards

The FACE Awards is a national competition that celebrates the online makeup artist and beauty community, while also searching for the Beauty Vlogger of the Year. The competition open to beauty vloggers as young as 14 years old, holds a series of challenges that competitors submit via YouTube. 

The FACE Awards panel of judges has already selected its 30 semi-finalists, and now it’s up to you to vote for who will land in the top 20. Users entered the contest with the first challenge: Royal. You can watch all 30 videos online to find out whom you love most. Once the semi-finalists have been narrowed down to 20, competitors will go through a second challenge to make it to 12 for a third challenge before the final six advance to the final event.

The top six finalists will compete in a live show hosted by Patrick Starr in Los Angeles, where they’ll be judged on their creativity, educational content, artistry and personality. The five runner-ups will each receive $10,000 and the Grand Prize Winner will receive $50,000 and more.

So where can you vote for your favorite beauty vlogger? Polls are open now until Friday, May 26th online. Be sure to vote to keep the one you love in the game, and keep checking back to see if they make it to the next round!

See just how creative these vloggers got for their first challenge.

Do you have a favorite beauty vlogger competing in the FACE Awards? Let us know in the comments below!