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Exploding Pimple Nails Wins Halloween…And Grosses Us Out for the Rest of the Year

Exploding Pimple Nails Wins Halloween…And Grosses Us Out for the Rest of the Year


By Dina Ciccarelli

Although we’ve spent the better part of October searching for the best Halloween nail art, the basic themes of black cats, pumpkins and candy corn tend to become a little repetitive  and not that scary. There was however a bump in scary nail art with the release of Stephen King’s It and the slew of It nail art that followed. But we must rely on the talent of special effects nail artist to create something truly gory.

But don’t worry, YouTube vlogger Natasha Lee has created a nail art look that would scare us not just this Halloween, but the Halloweens of middle school’s past. Appealing to the cult phenomenon that is Dr. Pimple Popper (I’m not going to lie I am a fan, it’s not gross it’s science), Lee has created the grossest nail art we’ve seen all year, exploding pimple nails. That’s right, we’re not lying she literally pops her nail zits. Natasha Lee wins Halloween nail art for forever.

The video, which is 10 minutes long, shows Lee creating the genius Halloween look from start to finish. In the notes she states that this look is a 3/5 on the difficulty scale and takes about 40-50 minutes to complete a full set. Lee used OPI’s “Tiramisu for Two“, Magpie “Give Me Strength” Gel, All That Jazz in the colors “Lola the Show Girl” and “Roxie’s Hart” and Burt’s Bees Hand Cream for the most important part. That’s right hand cream.

So, if you have no plans this Halloween or just want to try and create something to gross out younger brother, give this look a try. If anything, having huge pimples on your nails instead of all over you face.

–Dina Ciccarelli