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Guest Blog: A Princess Story

Guest Blog: A Princess Story


By Andrew Smith
You can’t go into any store these days that sells beauty products and not find an array of nail polishes, nail glitter and nail patch art to allow you to express yourself and get creative. However, if you just don’t have the skills or the patience to try and create the nail art, what do you do?
The local nail shop or salon probably has someone who can do a basic manicure and maybe if you are lucky airbrush on some outdated stencil design or possibly paint a flower on your nail. But, if you are really lucky, you can find a Princess!In July 2010 I met Princess Gard (yes that is her birth name), a then 28 year old manicurist from Cleveland, OH. We were both attending a business workshop and I quickly realized I had met a true nail artist. When Princess showed the class the types of work she was doing we were all truly impressed by her creativity and skills. Having started doing nails at the age of 14, she quickly had people taking notice and was sought after by her peers to create one of a kind nail art for them. She continued to perfect her craft over the years and in 2003 was able to retire from her 911 dispatching job and as she likes to say “Step Out on Faith” and become a full time manicurist. For her it’s the best decision she could have ever made professionally.So what makes her an artist? How about free hand geometric designs, ombre, 3D holograms, foil art or adding studs and spikes. These are just a few of her many techniques, and I think when you see a picture of Princess’s designs or see them in person they just have a signature look to them. For her this is great because dozens of women are walking around as her advertisement every single day!

Guest Blog: A Princess Story

I asked Princess what made her decide to do nail art and not just the basic manicure?

“My passion for the arts in general made me want to always step out of the box when doing nails. A basic manicure for me is not challenging enough. Besides, I love showing clients that their nails can have endless artistic styles no matter what type of woman they are! What separates me from many is the mixing of many art forms and choosing the right color blends. I love choosing art that is appealing to the naked eye! My style is neat and clean, yet very detailed.”

While the Cleveland area is lucky to have her, I strongly believe that Princess will be doing nails on the likes of Lady Gaga & Rihanna before you know it!

Princess is also a wife & mother to a son. She & her husband currently own a Beauty, Barber and Nail Salon in a suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Princess is an educator for Young Nails, teaching manicurists through fun and creativity! Nicole DeMet

Top Image: Princess Gard in action on the set of a photo shoot.
Bottom Image: Model: Jessica Klaas (Agency Galatea)
Photo: Leicester Mitchell
Makeup: Nicole DeMet
Hair: Erica Polacek
Nails: Princess Gard
Styling: Grecia Granados (B’Jewelself)
Photo Edit: KristyArt

[Images courtesy of Nicole DeMet]