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Going Greenery: Miss Pop’s Snake Charmer Nail Art

Going Greenery: Miss Pop’s Snake Charmer Nail Art


By Sigourney Nuñez

In case you missed it, Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year. The fresh and zesty yellow-green shade evokes the first day of spring when nature revives, restores and renews. To help us bring this trending hue to the forefront, we tapped CND Creative Ambassador Miss Pop for a Greenery nail art idea.

greenery nail art

Of course, this New York-based nail artist took our request to the next level and created a fashion-forward and easy-to-do snakeskin-inspired design you’re going to want to do right now.

Products you’ll need for greenery nail art:

greenery nail art

-CND Creative Play Base Coat

-CND Creative Play Toe The Lime

-Vinylux Weekly Polish Lush Tropics

-CND Creative Play Happy Holly Day

-Nail art brush

-CND Creative Play Black & Forth

-CND Creative Play Top Coat

Follow the steps below by Miss Pop to learn to execute the Snake Charmer Mani:

greenery nail art

1. Prep the nails with a traditional manicure. Then, brush on a layer of CND Creative Play Base Coat. Paint one layer of CND Creative Play in Toe The Lime.

greenery nail art

2. For this next step, you’ll want to go nail-by-nail. After adding the second coat of CND Creative Play in Toe The Lime, immediately add a stroke of Vinylux Weekly Polish in Lush Tropics to the left and right side of the nail. This should create a streaky ombré of the green shades, with a bright lime highlight right up the center of the nail.

greenery nail art

3. Using the bottlebrush in CND Creative Play in Happy Holly Day, paint short strokes on the diagonal to create a few individual diamonds up the center of the nail. Then, use the same technique to create a couple of triangles up the left and right sides of the nail.

greenery nail art

4. Find that old busted paintbrush, the one with the hairs going every which way, the one you still haven’t thrown out for some reason— well, for an occasion just like this. Pour out a little CND Creative Play in Black & Forth onto a palette. Dip your scraggly brush in the black polish and dab it down around the diamond and triangle shapes giving them a dark, but soft outline.

greenery nail art

5. Seal your snakeskin nail art look with CND Creative Play Top Coat.

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[Images: nail art by Miss Pop, nail tip photography by Jason Bennett, product photos courtesy of CND]


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