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Get The Most Out Of Chrome Nails

Get The Most Out Of Chrome Nails


By Dale Arden Chong

If there’s one 2016 trend that has come to stand the test of time, it’s chrome. More specifically, chrome nails. You’ve seen them on Gigi Hadid at the 2016 Met Gala, and now everyone is doing them. The intergalactic, heavy metal detail is one that not only catches the eye, but also is fairly simple to pull off.

Want to try this hit trend for yourself? Most salons will do chrome nails for you, it’s as easy as getting a gel manicure! Perhaps you’ll even want to experiment with different colors. We talked with experts from pro brands Young Nails and LeChat Nail to assure that you’ll be getting the best and safest, chrome manicure.

“Chrome is usually a high-shine mirror or brushed metal look. The chrome look can be achieved in a couple ways, either with a pigmented powder or we have a liquid that is applied to the nail that gives the same look,” said Tracey Reierson, director of education at Young Nails.

You can even try chrome in different colors, according to Kanika Ashford, an educator at LeChat Nails. “The chrome effect will vary based on the base color it is applied over. Darker colors, such as black will give a more visible chrome look and the level of chrome shine can be determined by the tool and technique in which the chrome powder is applied with,” Ashford said.

When getting chrome at a salon, you’ll need to ask for a gel polish beforehand because the pigment powder needs the gel polish to grab a hold of it. Since chrome is a pigment powder, it was not designed for natural nails and works best when adhered to a non-cleansed, tack-free gel polish.

In terms of caring for your nails, treat them as you would with any nail art. “They are jewels, not tools,” Reierson said. Make your chrome nails last longer by sealing them in with a gel topcoat.

Now that you’ve got your chrome tips, how does one accessorize? Luckily, these nails go with just about anything, whether you’re dressed up or down. They’ll be sure to catch anyone’s attention; go crazy!

Want to watch how chrome is applied? Check out the demonstration by Greg Salo of Young Nails.

—Dale Arden Chong

[Image: Courtesy of LeChat Nails]