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Gallery: Your Nails + Cats

Gallery: Your Nails + Cats


By semick

Seemingly in the Venn diagram of life, there’s a huge overlap between nail art enthusiasts and those who take pictures of their cats. Maybe cat enthusiasts just like to keep their nails well groomed, or possibly cats are just the nail artist’s ideal muse. Whatever the reason, we appreciate the adorable photos our readers take of their kitties and their favorite nail things – so much so that we compiled this fur-fueled gallery for your enjoyment.

Click through, friends!

  • @thecottonsugar
    "Single chevron design + Duna!"

  • @gamengloss
    "Does this happen to anyone else?? Pebble is pretty horrible at letting me do nails and photograph them! I'll have new designs and collection swatches posted soon (assuming Pebble allows it)!"

  • @missexclusivenails
    "Up at 5:30am like its normal, but I turn around and kitty is being precious."

  • @thecottonsugar

  • @missexclusivenails
    "Kitty nibbles on nails!"

  • @creativeedgenails
    "Ember having a bath and enjoying some nail stuff."

  • @essiebuff
    "Madame Butterfly is pondering whether or not Style Hunter by #essie is the purrfect color for her. What do you think?"

  • @dozywozy
    "Got to get one of my Mother's Day presents early: time to myself! @jimmygraham took our sweet girl out shopping for me and I got to get some housework done & then work on mastering nail stamping! I'm pretty thrilled with how they turned out!"

  • @gelupnpolish Even my cat loves nails! That's my sleepy boy!

  • @dumbgirlnails
    Sinclair loves my nails today. He's hugging my hand :3

  • @flow.nails
    "Daphne digs the little Swarovsky cats on my nails."

  • @god_s_girl
    Paul loves to play around with #nailpolish! He seems to like Kiko's green polish - maybe because it's cruelty-free!

  • @copaseticnails
    "'I'm in nail heaven,' says Buttons in her bliss."

  • @copaseticnails
    "'Hmmm, what design should I get?' Thinks Patches."

  • @vanessamthomson
    "My little helper!"

  • @kagenails
    Shadow protects my nail mail when it arrives!

  • @kagenails
    Shadow says "I don't care how pretty you think your nails are, you can't stop petting me!"

  • @s_amelia
    "My baby girl Turtle."

  • @mnixz0
    "Kiki being a love bug."

  • @velenporella

  • @danib6210
    "My sleepy boy is a good assistant! Finally did my nails after weeks!!!! Feels so nice with some fresh paint!"

  • @polishedjess
    "These Kitten Stencils from @twinkled_t are Willow approved!"

  • @polishedjess
    "Miss Willow gave my @twinkled_t Paisley Swirl mani the sniff of approval yesterday, so here is a sneaky peeky!"

  • @fleuryrosenails
    "Cat lady nails for my boo @ktmell, and her babies, the inspiration! Can you spot the tiny differences?"

  • @thecottonsugar

  • @christajadeskywalker
    "Love my little guy. He's helping me with my mom's polish choices."

  • @katie.f.bee
    "Posing for the camera!"

  • @deesnaildesigns
    "That's the best I could do lol he wouldnt sit still anyways for a photo shoot. lol"

  • @princesse_agnes

  • @maria_chascona
    "Mis uñas y mi Manchi"

  • @danib6210
    "I spy...Walker!"

  • @lolasparklez
    "Sophia wanted to be a part of the picture."

  • @bymagnails
    "Chilling out."

  • @jaclynmontnails
    "My little Sweetie helping me with nail art designs! This is actually the very first time she's ever jumped on my table!"

  • @love.debi
    "Painting my nails to match my cat, just because I can."

  • @austinzawesome
    "Who's a glamourpuss?"

  • @lunefulle
    "My kittycat loves #nailart too!"

  • @mtwomey08
    "Painting my nails with my cuddly old lady cat, Daisy."

  • @ambajack
    "Saw @paintthosepiggies use the hashtag #mycatandmynails so I had to do it too!"

  • @polishesattiffanys
    "My Kobi wants me to read him the magazine."

  • @lolasparklez

  • @princesse_agnes
    "Mummy paint my nails gold plz..."

  • @aaaabril
    "Orange fur & glittery nails! OJ approves of this manicure."

  • @mellymelj86
    "My cat, Tipsy, and my nails."

  • @thebasecoat
    "I've gone through two seasons of Downton Abbey this weekend with this little kitten by my side. Also just finished doing my nails with some of the Essie 2014 Neons."

  • @christajadeskywalker
    "My cat is wearing the Laquerlicious crown!! If you see any orders from me tonight they might be from her!"

  • @cutena1ls
    "I thought this pic was funny."

  • @aggiesdoitbetter
    "One that has been on my wish list forever is @zoyanailpolish Meg. After a thorough inspection my kitty Meg said she approves."

  • @crazyzofo
    "The Babycat presents the Julep May Mystery Box I got myself for my birthday! Not pictured: Babycat eating the confetti in the box."

  • @ambajack
    "July 4th mani with Dexter! China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and Celeb City, Essie Set in Stones, and OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow"

  • @gelosonails

  • @alliecatts
    "Ms. #cocochanel thinks my date night mani is tasty."

  • @thebasecoat
    "Kitten cuddles & gossip girl (:"

  • @alinasnaps
    "Mother-daughter spring manis."

  • @nailscope
    "Even now I have my small assistant - my cat. <3"

  • @pinkbirthdaycake

  • @maagsdinwiddie "Sorry for the lamp glare but somebody wants her nails did! Buahahaha"

  • @j_parti "Bogart likes to do his nails too!"

  • @vdvl