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Gallery: Glitter Nail Ideas and Tips That Will Change Your Life

Gallery: Glitter Nail Ideas and Tips That Will Change Your Life


By semick

Brighten up your nails with a little sparkle! Whether your current manicure is completely natural or polished wine red, here are a few glitter nail art ideas to spark your imagination.

How to Apply Glitter Polish

A few tips before you start: begin with a base coat that makes glitter removal easy, such as OPI Glitter Off. If you don’t have any base coats like this on hand, you can substitute in a thin layer of white Elmer’s glue. To do this, dip a clean polish brush in the glue and swipe it onto your nail as you normally do with lacquer. Apply your glitzy polish over top. Once you’re done with your sparkly mani, lift up one edge of the polish and peel off the entire nail’s worth of polish in one easy sheet.

How to Remove Glitter Polish

If you’ve already put glitter on your bare nails, don’t destroy your nails trying to get it off. Instead of poking and prodding the stubborn flecks with an orangewood stick, soak your nails in acetone first to get the toughest sequins to come off right away. There’s two ways to do it: you can dip your fingers directly in acetone (although this has a tendency to dry out skin) or you can dip cotton balls in acetone, apply them to the nail, then wrap your whole finger in aluminum foil. This creates a little mini acetone soak for each nail without exposing your skin to the harsh chemical for great lengths of time. Many brands also have kits with pre-soaked nail polish remover wipes to make the whole process easier.

Whatever removal technique you go with, take this time to pick out your favorite untried glitter and let it take center stage.

What’s your favorite sparkle polish? Tell us in the comments below and we may mention them in a future article!

-Sarah Emick

Glitter Nail Art Ideas

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