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Gallery: Dogs + Nail Polish

Gallery: Dogs + Nail Polish


By semick

We get it. You love your dog…and nail polish! And when you mix the two together, you get something equal parts well-manicured and adorable. Swipe through our gallery to see a wide range of pup + mani enthusiasts expressing their loves. Just make sure if you’re painting your pup’s tips that you use pet-friendly polish!

Cover image: Amanda Vanderbloemen

  • @chikiiz26's little @bentley_317 loves Virago Varnish!

  • Sarah Kapperman
    "And a pic with her, a toy, and some nails!"

  • Shannon Langworthy
    "My boy Rafael wearing Polish for Pitbulls from Polish M"

  • Jessica Kislak
    "My Rooney and my nails"

  • Trish Pilon
    “This polish was made for me by Ever After polish. It's called 'Quill' after my beautiful Chinese Crested Powderpuff.”

  • Katie Brown and her pup (and her nails)!

  • Caroline Garcia
    "This is my beloved pitbull Piggy McPitbull. As you can see, she was a very spoiled little lady, with her blankie and her very own chaise lounge. Her favorite color to have her toes painted was a silvery pink from Piggy Polish."

  • Minell Van Der Merwe
    "Boring French for me and hot pink for Miss Kiki."

  • Sarah Kapperman
    "Here is a mani I did for Dixie’s First Birthday!"

  • Andrea Chapman
    "Poppy looks really impressed!!"

  • Caroline Garcia
    "This is a pup I was fostering for a bit. Her name is Missy!"

  • From Amanda Vanderbloemen