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Gallery: Back to School Nail Ideas

Gallery: Back to School Nail Ideas


By semick

Whether back to school for you (or your kids, or your students) was a month ago, this week, or is still approaching, ‘tis the season to sport some themed nail art for the occasion. Find some inspiration in these manicures from some talented nail artists who have already prepped their digits for the new school year.


1. Skies are bright and clear in Rebecca’s back to school manicure. We love the whimsical ring finger that uses a different color polish for each crayon in the box.

@imodat:RebeccaMynterImage: @imodat


 2. Using OPI Matte Top Coat, Bundle Monster Holiday Nail Stamping Image Plate BM-H23 and Konad Special Nail Polish White, this Swatch and Learn blogger created an amazing manicure that represents several of your favorite (or least favorite!) school subjects.

swatch and learnImage:


3. Yezenia’s nails illustrate the design possibilities for tiny tips. Her clipped nails even include an adorable red composition book.

ycshortnailartImage: @ycshortnailart


4. On the other hand, Jen’s long nails are a stunning canvas for her to show off a collared shirt and red tie.  Perhaps this set can be tailored to the uniform color of your own school, if your school requires formal attire.

@nails_by_jenImage: @nails_by_jen


 5. All the pieces come together for Dezzy’s puzzle nails. The pastel colors are a good palette if you teach elementary school, do child care, or work with young kids.

@captain8bit:Dezzy N.Image: @captain8bit


6. These pointed tips work well for pencil nail art, but our favorites in this mani include the rainbow rhinestones and the adorable stick figure drawing. The variety of colored stones are a sophisticated (and sparkly) way to incorporate the whole crayon box spectrum in one place.

@eason1094:EasonImage: @eason1094


7. Plaid is a classic back to school pattern, reminiscent of school uniforms. Just when you thought there was only one way to do plaid (with layers of simple stripes), Jen gives a checked approach to the technique using tiny ‘v’s and slashes in the place of some solid lines.

IG@nails_by_jenImage: @nails_by_jen


8. We’re pretty impressed with the careful, almost typed lettering on the index finger of these nails. The sponged red and black print on the pinky fingers is an easy to do accent for small nails that can’t fit a full design.

@nailsbynoreee:Lenora CrowleyImage: @nailsbynoreee


9. We’re completely smitten with Sasha’s Converse mani. They really “tie” a back to school outfit together!

@freshnailsxo:Sasha MacImage: @Freshnailsxo


10. Cover your nails with ALL the colors! Try out something similar to this colored pencil design.

@ohmygoshpolish:TamImage: @ohmygoshpolish