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FOX’s Empire Is Now a Nail Polish

FOX’s Empire Is Now a Nail Polish


By semick

To match the glamour and drama of the FOX hit series, Empire, Deborah Lippmann has released a new limited edition three-piece set inspired by the show. As Deborah Lippmann polishes are always named after songs, the collaboration between the luxury lacquer brand and the music industry drama is perfect!


This isn’t the first time Lippmann has created a successful line of hues based on a TV series – just a few years ago the Deborah Lippmann Girls collection launched, with each of the four colors inspired by one of the main characters in the show.


No glitz was spared in the making of these three hues; each has a generous dose of opulence and powerful pigment. Shades include a shimmery purple (Hustle Hard), a gold glitter (Power of the Empire) and a shiny red (War of the Roses). Can you see the resemblance between these polishes and Cookie’s style?


The set is available at



Images: Deborah Lippmann