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Meet Flora 1761’s Winter 2017 Collection

Meet Flora 1761’s Winter 2017 Collection


By Anahit Topchyan

As the year 2017 comes to an end, Flora 1761 and its Autumn/Winter 2017 collection helps bring 2017 to a warm close. Flora 1761, based in New York, is inspired by historical elegance of flowers and botanicals and provides an alternative to  main stream nail care brands. Flora 1761 loves to create seasonal hues all year round to allow a design of passion for the nail lover like you.

Flora’s 1761 Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection includes:

Flora 1761

Scotch Thistle – While there are over 200 types of thistle, none is so memorable as the Scotch thistle and its purple flower, sure to be the new lavender shade during the cooler months.

Flora 1761

Black Iris – With just a hint of violet, Black Violet adds a feminine touch to the traditional shadowy black.

Flora 1761

Chrysanthemum – The quintessential fall bloom, the Chrysanthemum can be found in a variety of shades, but none as decadent as this deep plum.

Flora 1761

DogwoodDogwood is often noted for its unique flower, but this particular shade takes after the rich, chocolate-hued grey of its branches.

What do you think of Flora’s 1761 Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection? Let us know in the comments below!


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[Images courtesy of Flora 1761]