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Learn How Essie Names Their Polishes

Learn How Essie Names Their Polishes


By Dale Arden Chong

We may be bias, but treating yourself to a manicure is easily one of the best parts of the beauty world. The simple touch ups and pampering all lead to gorgeous nails, yet all the fun comes down to the polish.

Sure, there are the ah-mazing colors but half the fun in discovering the latest collections and shades is also learning the names, and Essie knows that. From sassy and clever to cute and adorable, naming nail polish colors is probably one of the best jobs in the business. In Essie’s new video series, the polish brand takes us to where it all begins, the Naming Department. These fun videos imagine where inspiration comes from when it comes to naming some of our favorite shades, such as Jamaica Me Crazy! Watch the first two episodes below.

What do you think the next shade will be? Tweet us @NailItMag which color you want to see the origin story to with the hashtag #NailItMag to let us know!

—Dale Arden Chong

[Image: Essie]