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Episode 7 Nail’d It Recap: French Twists and Nail Nightmares

Episode 7 Nail’d It Recap: French Twists and Nail Nightmares


By semick

The French Twist

Ah, the fabled French manicure: The subject of this week’s Quick Dry Challenge for the returning competitors Celeste, Jamie, and Kandi. The term “French Manicure” was coined by Jeff Pink, founder of Orly International, back in 1975 when he created the simple and feminine look to help Hollywood actresses speed up the time between wardrobe changes (no more time consuming red polish changes).

Now, nearly 40 years later, the design is still going strong, complete with a bunch of updated and interesting twists. While the classic pink-and-white style maintains its stronghold, new takes on the design are making a statement, including glitter fades, Frenches that incorporate matte finishes, 3-D elements and more. Kandi definitely deserved the top spot in this challenge with her pastel blue-and-lavender negative-space take on the traditional French look. Fun and flirty, her design is certainly one that I will recreate!

Want some ideas for your own French twist? Check out modern designs courtesy of NAILPRO Magazine and own collection below!

Nail Nightmares

This week’s 3-D challenge asked competitors to recreate their worst nightmares on their fantasy nail tips. While each competitor used their inventiveness to build three-dimensional art pieces on nails, it was—yet again—Kandi that took first place to move to the next round of semi-finals. Her adorably grotesque food creations peppered with hairs and insects wooed the judges—and me! Naturally unwearable, Kandi’s tiny hamburger and stacked nachos proved that this nail artist has what it takes to compete among the best.

Of course for the rest of us, our nail nightmares look a bit different than these—more like a dirty salon or a nasty nail infection. So, the next time you book a nail appointment, use this checklist to see if your salon is good to go or if you need run for the hills!

o The manicurists clean the pedicure bowls or switch out the disposable liners between clients.
o The manicurist’s and salon’s licenses are posted on the wall or are easily accessible.
o The salon owner or manager is able to produce a cleaning log, noting the times and dates that the pedicure bowls were cleaned and disinfected.
o Double-dipping (hands or feet) into the paraffin wax is not practiced here.
o Metal tools are cleaned before used on clients.
o Manicurists put their tools in a jar of Barbicide (the blue liquid disinfectant) or other salon disinfectant between uses and then cleans them off when they take them out of the solution.
o Brand new files and buffers are used on each client.
o My manicurist asked me to wash my hands or use hand sanitizer before beginning the service.


-Stephanie Lavery, Editor-in-Chief