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ME Time With Dermelect Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

ME Time With Dermelect Spring/Summer 2017 Collection


By Dale Arden Chong

When it comes to the new year, the phrase, “New Year, new me” comes to mind.

Dermelect has announced the shades of its Spring/Summer 2017 collection, titled ME Romantic Renaissance Collection.

This ME Romantic Renaissance collection includes six bright and beautiful shades perfect for starting out on a clean slate. Colors include: 

       Coat D’Amour – Raspberry Rose

       Coquette – Poppy Red

       Mani-Festo – Vintage Teal

       Right as Reign – Dusty Blue

       Enlighten ‘ME’ – Apricot Nude

       Faire Maiden – Desert Sage

The Dermelect ME Romantic Renaissance Collection also includes its key ingredient, Peptide-Hydrolyzed Kertin that helps to strengthen nails.

“Nail structure is affected by repeated exposure to hydration and dehydration, resulting in dry, brittle and weak nails that are prone to flaking. The pure extraction form New Zealand’s sheep’s wool…contains a high cysteine content, similar to that found in healthy nails and bones,” says Amos Lavian, CEO and founder of Dermelect.

Simply put, Dermelect’s peptide ingredient allows the nail to improve its strength and repair splitting and ridges. When explaining this to clients, celebrity manicurist and Dermelect color curator Elle tells them that nails are like a sponge in that they are porous and react to the environment. “Dermelect’s nail formula helps to retain moisture, which helps keep them flexible,” Elle said.

The collection sells as a set for $39, and individually for $14 per bottle online and will be available this March.

Scroll down to see all the colors from the Romantic Renaissance Collection.

Dermelect Coat D'amour

Dermelect Nail Polish ($14) in Coat D’Amour


Dermelect Nail Polish ($14) in CoquetteDERMELECT ENLIGHTEN ME

Dermelect Nail Polish ($14) in Enlighten ‘ME’


Dermelect Nail Polish ($14) in Faire Maiden


Dermelect Nail Polish ($14) in Mani-FestoDERMELECT RIGHT AS REIGN

Dermelect Nail Polish ($14) in Right as Reign

Have a favorite or want to see more? Let us know in the comments, and then shop Dermelect polishes!