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The ClearJellyStamper Will Change Your Nail Stamping Forever

The ClearJellyStamper Will Change Your Nail Stamping Forever


By semick

If you’ve ever tried nail stamping, one of the main challenges (especially with complicated layered stamping) is positioning your stamper over your nail exactly right so that your design lines up on your nail the way you want it to – and not sideways (or worse, upside down!).

Debbie Duxbury, a nail tech and educator in the nail industry – thought the answer was simple, so she developed her own see-through stamping head, which is now patent pending.

clearjellystamper nails
The ClearJellyStamper makes it miles easier to place small stamping designs exactly where you want them and is especially helpful in creating entire scenes on your nails using different stamping plates. The stamper is soft and jelly-like and conforms to the nail, allowing every centimeter of your stamper to press snugly against the nail plate. This ensures your stamper transfers evenly, with no pieces of your design missing!

Find it online at!

How to Use the ClearJellyStamper

clear jelly nail stamper

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Images: Debbie Duxbury