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Polish to Fight the Patriarchy

Polish to Fight the Patriarchy


By Dina Ciccarelli

Claws Out Nail Polish is an indie lacquer company with a cause. The Portland-based, family owned brand is committed to creating beauty products that embody their commitment to health conscious beauty products and meaningful conversation. Their collection of vegan, five-free polishes are individually connected to a specific charitable organization, made in the U.S.A and have their labels printed by woman-owned local business. Not only do the polishes range in a variety of colors, but their names are meant to bring on conversation and break taboo standards as well. For example, the beautiful and bright shade, Uterus, comes with purchase, a donation card for Planned Parenthood, which receives 20% of proceeds from each sale. Other colors and charities include: Nude, a glitter shade that supports The National Organization for Women, Resistance, a deep red that gives 20% of its proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union and Liberty, a teal shade that is linked to The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization.

To see more from this awesome company you can visit their website at follow their Instagram, and sign up for their blog.

[Image courtesy of Claws Out Instagram]