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Christmas Nail Art Tutorial: Gingerbread Galore

Christmas Nail Art Tutorial: Gingerbread Galore


By Kiana Martin

There’s nothing more festive or iconic than a Christmas tree and gingerbread cookies. So why not wear both on your nails? Follow these steps by Britney Tokyo to have nails so good they’ll get you on Santa’s nice list.


1. Prep the nail with base coat. Use a detail brush to paint the shape of a gingerbread man with tan polish near the base of the nail. Then, use green polish to paint a Christmas tree near the edge of the nail.


2. Use a detail brush to paint a brown square at the base of the tree, and then paint a red bow tie on the gingerbread man. Outline the tree and gingerbread man with black polish. Add two dots for eyes and a line for his smile.

3. Fill in the empty spaces around the shapes with gold snowflake decals.


4. Apply a layer of top coat to the Christmas tree. With tweezers, place a star nail charm at the top of the Christmas tree. Then apply colored crystals to the tree. Apply more top coat to the gingerbread man and place two gold bullion to the center of the body as buttons. Finish by applying top coat over the entire design.

Watch this step-by-step in action in the video below.

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