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Christian Louboutin Wows With Designer Polish Bottles

Christian Louboutin Wows With Designer Polish Bottles


By semick

Every girl knows the maker of the red-bottom shoe: Christian Louboutin. The iconic shoemaker started the trend after designing one of his first shoes. When he saw that first prototype, he couldn’t help but feel it was missing something. With the flourish of a red nail polish brush, he painted the sole crimson. And thus the red-bottomed shoe was born.
Now as a return to his origins, Louboutin is introducing a series of equally iconic nail lacquers in one-of-a-kind bottles that make the polish appear as if it is encapsulated in crystal. The first and signature color in the collection will be Rouge Louboutin – a polish in the iconic red. The bottle will have a smoky ombre effect and the long cap is reminiscent of the stiletto heel.

Following the signature Rouge Louboutin color will be thirty additional colors all inspired by the shoe line. Initially there will be three 10-piece collections, each with their own bottle designation: The Pops (silver cap), The Noirs (gunmetal cap), and The Nudes (rose gold cap.)

[Images: Christian Louboutin]

  • The Pops

  • The Noirs

  • The Nudes