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Chloe Morello Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products

Chloe Morello Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products


By Dale Arden Chong

When you get the chance to talk beauty secrets with a beauty queen like Chloe Morello and ask all the questions you might have about products, routines and more, you don’t pass it up. We certainly couldn’t! The Australian beauty vlogger with more than two million subscribers on her YouTube channel, has proven her status as not only someone who loves makeup, but also as someone people trust for makeup tips old and new.

Sit back and take a note (or two) on how Morello gets her glowing skin, her favorite part of her collaboration with Ciate, what her favorite holiday traditions are and find out what beauty trend she wants to make a comeback.

Chloe Morello HS (1)

What is your winter beauty must-have? 

A rich moisturiser like Dr. Spiller Collagen Cream.

What is your daily skincare/beauty routine? 

I use all Dr. Spiller Cleanser, Toner and Moisturisers. Then I use a Garnier Body Oil Cream and Ciate Nail Oil.  

Do you have any holiday traditions? 

In Australia it’s summer during Christmas, so we have cold seafood and cold meats for lunch, and chill out in the hot evenings as a family by the pool. We spend a lot of time having picnics by the beach and outdoor BBQ’s at friends houses! 

What is the inspiration behind your collaboration with Ciate? 

Since it is a holiday collection the shades are rich with some deep purples, blues and golds! Since it’s my first collaboration I made sure we had a lot of wearable colors so you can choose the intensity of your look. It’s my ideal palette. 

 ChloexCiate2 (1)

Do you have a favorite product from this collection? 

The palette is definitely my go to. 

What is your favorite winter beauty look or trend? 

I love a good liquid lip so it stays put during the four course holiday meals! The Ciate Liquid Velvet lip is good because it’s hydrating and not drying. 

What is your current favorite beauty product? 

I’m obsessed with DIY nails, and nail cuticle oil has been my biggest savior. Also good skincare – I use Dr Spiller. The Ciate WanderWand mascara is my favorite to-date. 

Is there a beauty trend that you wish would come back? 

I have naturally neat brows with an arch and despite trying, I can’t grow them bushier. So I selfishly want manicured brows to come back! 

Check out the full beauty haul from Chloe’s YouTube channel:

What’s the beauty trend you want to return? Let us know on Twitter @NailItMag with the hashtag #NailItMag and be sure to check out Chloe Morello’s collab with Ciate!

—Dale Arden Chong

[Images: Courtesy of Ciate]