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China Glaze The Giver Collection

China Glaze The Giver Collection


By niwp_admin

Remember The Giver? Whether or not you read the book in school, soon you’ll be able to see the plot acted out on the big screen – as you eat popcorn with perfectly painted fingertips. On August 1, the China Glaze The Giver collection will be available in stores. The set will include a ray of shades from a gray scale glitter to a vivid apple red.

If you’re familiar with the book – you might remember the setting is a dystopia void of music, individuality, and color. Eleven-year-old Jonas is selected to be the society’s “Receiver of Memory,” which means he is responsible for inheriting and storing all the memories and history of the past from The Giver. Through these very tangible memories, Jonas is able to experience the power of color for the very first time in his life.The Giver polishes allow you to bring the same magic to your own world!


The lineup:

  • Boundary of Memory: Black with gold and amber glitter
  • Community: Brown crème
  • Five Rules: Clay crème
  • Seeing Red: Red crème
  • History of the World: Navy crème
  • Intelligence, Integrity & Courage: Gray-blue crème
  • New Birth: Baby blue crème
  • Capacity to See Beyond: Bright aqua crème
  • Givers Theme: Vivid violet crème
  • Friends Forever, Right?: Baby pink crème
  • Release: Greige crème
  • The Outer Edge: White and silver glitter

[Images: China Glaze]