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Celebrate Thanksgivukkah On Your Nails

Celebrate Thanksgivukkah On Your Nails


By Rokon

If we know anything about the nail world, it’s that if it exists, there is nail art of it. So why not celebrate a holiday that won’t occur again for another 77,798 years in the same fashion? On November 28th of this year, Jewish Americans will get to combine two huge celebrations into one uber-affair: Thanksgivukkah. 

So why is this happening this year? While Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November, Hanukkah is determined as the 25th day of Kislev, a month in the Hebrew calendar. This means Hanukkah can fall anywhere between the end of November and the end of December. 

Thus, to commemorate the occasion, Rabbi Yael Buechler painted a complete set of Thanksgivukkah nails, complete with a Pilgrim hat, turkey, menorah, and dreidel. In an article by Anne Cohen, Buechler shows the step-by-step process involved in getting one of a kind tips. Each design is thoroughly planned out before the polish even leaves the bottle. The Hanukkah shapes are in fact decals Buechler sells on her blog that have been incorporated into the overall design. 
Interestingly enough, that’s not the only unique manicure the 27-year-old Rabbi has created – as a teaching tool, Buechler frequently paints her nails with scenes from the Torah, and documents them all on her blog, Midrash Manicures

[Images: Anne Cohen]