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Bloggers You Should Know: Stefanie Deming of Fairly Charming

Bloggers You Should Know: Stefanie Deming of Fairly Charming


By Andrew Smith

We got the chance to catch up with blogger and nail artist Stefanie Deming of Fairly Charming, who is also the creative contributor of our Ice Cream Nail Tutorial. Find out how she began doing nail art, as well as her preferred tools and polishes!


Nail It!: What got you into nail art?
Stefanie: My husband did, actually! We were saving up for our wedding and he cut trips to the nail salon out of my budget. I was pretty heartbroken about it, but it meant saving an extra $80 a month, so I searched for alternatives. I started poking around online and discovered the nail blogging world. I was immediately drawn to all of the amazing colors and designs that I saw and wanted to try them for myself. What started DIY pampering has turned into a creative outlet that I absolutely love.

What is your absolute favorite color of polish?
Coral, coral and more coral. If I see a shade of coral polish that I do not own, I justify buying it by telling myself, “It’s a little lighter than that other coral you just bought. You have to have it!!”

Fairly Charming Nails

How many different polishes do you own?
I’m actually in the middle of updating my list, but I think I currently have about 400. I know that sounds like a crazy amount, but I swear, they just pile up so easily!

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design? What would you put on his/her nails?
Zooey Deschanel. I would give up my fifth-born child for the opportunity to paint her nails (considering we haven’t started making a family yet, I’ll be waiting awhile…). I would want her to come up with something off the wall to challenge me with. She just seems like she would be so much fun to work with!

What’s your favorite nail art you’ve done? What inspired you to try it?
I recently was a part of a nail collaboration on Instagram where the theme was rainbow. We were given a lot of artistic freedom; as long as it was rainbowy, it was allowed. I was going to just do a cutesy rainbow with clouds but then I thought it would be so cool to fit all of the colors onto one nail. After I did my ring finger, I just went for it and did all of my nails. It took a lot of time but it was worth it!

Fairly Charming Nails

When did you realize your blog was a success?
You know, I’m still not really sure that it’s a “success” according to industry standards. I mean, I still have so much learning and improving that I can do as a beauty blogger. But I have some of the most supportive and wonderful followers a girl could ask for. I’ve had the pleasure of doing a few product reviews for nail art suppliers. I’ve also had the absolute honor of working with Nail it! Magazine. All of these things are a success in my book.

What was your most recent impulse buy?
Oh gosh. It’s funny that this question came up because it was just pointed out to me how susceptible I am to impulse buying. I went to Forever 21 the other day to buy a new cardigan. I left with the cardigan, a simple black dress, two bottles of polish, a nail stud wheel, body lotion, a set of tweezers, and a pack of make up removing sheets. I’m a really bad impulse buyer!

Fairly Charming Nails

Do you work in fashion outside of your blog?
I am actually the director of a child care program at a private school. My job is so rewarding. Also, because I do crafty type things with the kiddos, I’ve constantly got my creative juices flowing.

What else would you be doing if you didn’t have the blog?
Well, on top of my job and my blog, I direct two children’s choirs and perform in two choirs of my own. If I didn’t have the blog, I’d probably devote a lot more time to my music. Or….I’d sleep a lot more.

What is your favorite beauty tool?
The dotting tool. I have had to refrain from doing polka dot manis 20 times a month. I love, love, love polka dots! In general, I feel like dotting tools are a very useful thing for a nail enthusiast to have!

Fairly Charming Nails

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