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Bloggers You Should Know: Shelly Ackerman

Bloggers You Should Know: Shelly Ackerman


By Andrew Smith

Shelly Ackerman

We gaped in awe when we first happened upon Sassy Shelly‘s OPI Neon Splatter nails. After taking a look at a few of her other designs and her admirable taste in nail polish, we knew we wanted a closer look behind the workings of this blog. So, we asked the Sassy Shelly herself — Shelly Ackerman — a few things about what it’s like to be in her shoes.

Nail It! What got you into nail art?
Shelly: I only got into nails and polish around 2 years ago. I am a stay at home mom and after I had my daughter I was sort of in a rut – spending no time making myself look or feel pretty.  I found that nails were something I could do to feel girly, cute, and good about myself again. And it’s a great way to enjoy “me time.”

What is your absolute favorite color of polish?
Good question! Really, it changes from day to day. Right now it’s purple.

How many different polishes do you own?
Around 900 I think, give or take… A girl can never have enough. I think I’m just as addicted to buying them as I am wearing them.

Sparkly Mermaid Nails

What’s your favorite nail trend?
I am crazy for textured polish! Before I tried it I thought “meh..,” but once I put on one of the Zoya PixieDust polishes I fell in love with how they feel and the way they sparkle. That is one trend I hope never dies because I could wear them forever.

What’s your favorite beauty trend?
Bright eye makeup! I’m still wearing neutral colored shadows because I haven’t found the courage to go as bold as I’d like to yet, but I’m getting a little braver every day. I love the way it looks on other people, though.

Besides polish, what is your favorite beauty product?
Well cuticle oil is my #1 must-have item but that’s not really a “beauty” product. So I’ll say BB Cream – that stuff is awesome!

Zoya PixieDust roses

What is your favorite beauty tool?
The one tool I can’t live without is my crystal nail file. Everybody needs one! When I used an emery board, my nails were constantly peeling and breaking but since making the switch to glass files I haven’t had a single split.

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design?
Definitely Tori Amos!  She is my number one favorite singer/songwriter and an amazingly talented artist.

What would you put on her nails?
I would love to see her with an outrageously sparkly glitter gradient twinkling on her fingertips as she played the piano.

Do you work in fashion outside of your blog?
I wish! Unless picking out the cutest outfit of the day, pigtails, and bows for my toddler counts as fashion!

Camoflauge Nails

What’s your favorite nail art you’ve done? What inspired you to try it?
I don’t know that it’s my favorite, per se, but I have to mention the most special nail art I’ve done. It was my first attempt at a camouflage mani and I created it to wear to my husband’s deployment ceremony when he left for Afghanistan. A lot of planning went into it, I spent months beforehand buying up every olive, tan and khaki green polish could find. I think what made it so special for me was also that it was the first time he actually said that he liked one of my nail art designs.

When did you realize your blog was a success?
When I was contacted to do an interview with Nail It! Magazine of course! Mind Blown! This is such a huge honor for me and a major step in the right direction for my blogging career. I am beyond thrilled and so very grateful to be featured. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even make it to the paper magazine.

Sassy Shelly Heart Nails

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[Courtesy of Shelly Ackerman]