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Bloggers You Should Know: Sarah Waite

Bloggers You Should Know: Sarah Waite


By Elma

Meet Sarah Waite, the blogger behind Chalkboard Nails!

How did you get into nails?
I was surfing my favorite sites and one of them had a tutorial for leopard print nail art. I thought that it looked so cool and the tutorial made it seem fairly easy, so I went out and bought the stuff I needed to try it myself. I’ve been doing nail art ever since!

What is your favorite color of polish?
Right now I’m obsessed with yellow! Yellow isn’t a very popular polish color, but I love the way it looks with my skin tone. Plus, it’s just so cheery for spring!

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to do?
I would love to do Zooey Deschanel’s nails. There are a lot of celebrities who have awesome nail designs, but I think the style of nail art that I like to do really fits with the nail art she wears.

What’s your favorite nail trend?
I would have to say my favorite nail trend is the handmade polish scene. The people behind these indie polish companies are creating interesting lacquers that are so different from everything that the major brands are doing right now, and the nail community has really welcomed that with open arms.

What is your favorite current beauty trend?
Is it cheating if I say my favorite beauty trend is the surge in the popularity of nail art? I don’t spend a lot of time on makeup or hair, so nails are really my one area of expression when it comes to beauty. With all of the celebrities rocking nail art, the release of the first nail art documentary, and people pinning DIY nail art tutorials like crazy, nail art has become a huge thing!

Favorite beauty product?
I’m really obsessed with the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. I live in a very dry area, and my lips often need a bit of extra pampering. The lanolin in the lip balm works wonders to soothe them!

What is the biggest nail mistake that you are seeing right now?
I think the most frequent faux pas is when people skip base coat. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but it helps prevent chips in your manicure and protects your nails from staining.

Do you have any other hobbies?
Maintaining my blog in addition to a full time job means that most of my free time is devoted to nails and nail art. However, when I’m not doing nails, I love graphic design, spending time with my dog, and catching up on my favorite TV shows. I’m currently addicted to watching Bones and The Walking Dead on Netflix!


What is your most outrageous or favorite nail design that you created? 
I think my craziest design would have to be when I attached real candy sprinkles to my nails. I was actually surprised how well they stayed on — I wore them out to dinner and didn’t lose a single sprinkle!



Do you have a favorite musician or band? What design would you like to put on their nails?
My favorite musician is Ben Folds. If he wanted his nails done, I think I would like to do a piano key design or maybe some nail art that mimicked sheet music.

What are your trend predictions for 2013? 
Nails in 2013 are going to be all about textures! Velvet, caviar, feathered, sand, sequined, and matte nails are just starting to see a huge rise in popularity and I think that will only continue to intensify.



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[Images: Sarah Waite]