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Bloggers You Should Know: @Nails_by_Cindy

Bloggers You Should Know: @Nails_by_Cindy


By semick

Meet Cynthia Deferrari, the Instagrammer and artist behind @nails_by_cindy! Get to know her a little better in our Q&A here:

Us: What got you into nail art?
Cynthia: I remember about three years ago I tried recreating a tuxedo bow design that Zooey Deschanel wore to the Golden Globe Awards. When I realized how therapeutic, fun, and natural it was for me…I was hooked on creating more!

How long have you been writing on your blog?
I have been @nails_by_cindy on Instagram for about 1 1/2 yrs now. It was the best thing I ever did! I’ve met so many amazing people, and have gotten to know so many amazing artists.

Tell us about either the first bottle of nail polish you remember having.
When I think of my first nail polish, I have such a nostalgic memory of the “Nail Art” book by Klutz. It’s a book for young girls learning to paint their nails. It comes with 6 different mini polishes to paint your nails with. I remember it as if it was yesterday!

What sort of things will readers find on your blog?
On @nails_by_cindy you will find endless nail art, fashion posts, and some face behind the nails.

flowers nails_by_cindy

One stroke colored flowers

What’s your favorite nail art you’ve done? What inspired you to try it?
One of my favorite posts was also a favorite for my followers. It was a design I created with one stroke flowers. I just love how intricate and delicate the design looks, also how easy it is to create.

What’s your “day job?”
I am a fiancé, a nursing student, and a licensed nail technician.

How do you juggle nails and other aspects of your life? Do you have a routine?
I try to find inspiration the night before I create a design. The next day I am ready to make art, and snap a photo before I begin my day. If I don’t have time to do something in the day, I will do most of my creating at night.

What’s one secret to a successful blog you can share?
I think that if there is one tip I can give for a successful blog it would be to have quality photos, clean cuticles, and most of all…passion for art.

10809706_330469413805212_938473565_nWhat is your absolute favorite color of polish?
One can never go wrong with a sophisticated black or red polish. I love deep, sultry purples as well!

How many different polishes do you own?
I won’t even try counting! I have so many! Has to be about 6 or 7 hundred nail polishes!! I am not exaggerating!

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design?
Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears, Rachel McAdams. My list could go on and on! I would create anything their hearts desired. It would be a dream come true!

What would you put on her nails?
I love a nude base with a gradient of silver or gold glitter. There is something so gorgeous about it.

Michael Kors inspired nail art

Michael Kors inspired nail art

What’s your favorite nail trend?
Collaborating with Essie and Michael Kors. Reaching 95 thousand followers in such little time! Having a page dedicated to what “I Can’t Live Without” in Nail It! magazine.

What’s your favorite base and top coat to use?
Loving Essie Millionails as the base coat and Essie Good to Go as my top coat!

Are you close to any other bloggers in the community?
I am close to @nailsbyarelisp. She is my talented and amazing godmother. 🙂

What else would you be doing if you didn’t have the blog?
I would be on Youtube doing makeup tutorials. Might be something coming up in the near future! So stay tuned!

Have any nail art tips?
Always start with a clean and prepped base. Have patience when creating a design, and when you finish with your design always make sure to clean around the cuticles with a thin angular brush.


See Cindy online:
Instagram: @nails_by_cindy
Twitter: @nails_by_cindy


See a reindeer tutorial by Cindy:

Reindeer nail tutorial

Click here for the tutorial!


Images: Cynthia Deferrari