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Bloggers You Should Know: Michelle of Break Rules, Not Nails

Bloggers You Should Know: Michelle of Break Rules, Not Nails


By niwp_admin

Meet Michelle Stutterheim of Break Rules, Not Nails. She is best known for her mind-blowing realistic copies of famous paintings onto nails. Get to know her better in our interview below!


Us: What got you into nail art?
Michelle: I saw a water marbling tutorial on Youtube and was amazed that it was even possible to do that with nail polish! Then I watched another tutorial and another and I was hooked!!

How long have you been writing on your blog?
Almost one year.

What do you do outside your blog?
I work as a chef, I’m going to school to be a nail tech and I’m a volunteer with an  organization that responds to emergencies and storms. Apart from all that….sleep!!

What is your absolute favorite color of polish?
It changes, but often it’s purple or blue. There are so many gorgeous colors out there that it just depends on the day and my mood.

How many different polishes do you own?
That’s like guessing how many jellybeans are in the jar!!  Around 700.

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design? 
It would probably be a man, just to mix things up and be different. Johnny Depp or Marilyn Manson; they could both pull off nail art with their vibrant personalities.

What’s your favorite nail art you’ve done?
My handpainted ones inspired by artworks, including Michelangelo’s Pieta, Salvador Dali’s Persistance of Memory and a gothic version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. 


What’s your favorite nail trend?
Handpainted or sticking stuff to your nails!

What’s your favorite beauty trend?
I can’t say I’m really a follower of beauty trends, I like textured hair and smoky eyes, are they still trendy?

Besides polish, what is your favorite beauty product?
Argan hair oil and Burt’s Bees cuticle cream.

Are you close with other bloggers in the community?
I have met a few lovely ladies online that have nail art blogs. I find it to be a great community, where people are supportive, encouraging, positive and fun. There is so much passion, if only we could all get together one day!

How do you juggle nails and other aspects of your life? Do you have a routine?
I tend to have patches where nail art takes over, everything else goes out the window. While a routine is good, it is also boring and sucks the spontaneity out of creativity.

What else would you be doing if you didn’t have the blog?
Something creative and probably more exercise!

What else would you like people to know about you?
I studied art at University, but only completed half the course. One of my aims in life is to teach those people that say “I can’t draw!” that they can draw! Drawing is about looking and also a knowledge of how to use your materials. I find people are defeated by their own attitude. I’d like to change that somehow.


Find Break Rules, Not Nails online:
Instagram: @breakrulesnotnails

[Courtesy of Michelle Stutterheim of Break Rules, Not Nails]