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Bloggers You Should Know: Melgin Wright of The Wright Way to Polish

Bloggers You Should Know: Melgin Wright of The Wright Way to Polish


By semick

Melgin Wright, artist behind The Wright Way to Polish, is known for her elaborate mini-paintings on nails using acrylic paints and polish, including this full hand portrait of the royal couple and their baby. She shares her work via Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, so be sure to follow her on those platforms to be continuously wowed by her latest work. But first get to know Melgin as Nail It! does an exclusive interview with her.

Nail It!: What got you into nail art?
Melgin Wright: I have loved art since I was young. I used to paint and draw all the time as a teen. I’m from Australia and we recently moved to Florida for my husband’s duty station. This move was a big change for me and I remembered how much art used to keep me calm so, I got back in to sketching portraits but, I wanted to make it more challenging! As an RN in Australia, we’re sadly not allowed to wear nail polish so, I decided to do my art on my nails instead! I loved the idea of expressing what I love and what inspires me thru my art and the fact that, I can have it on the tips of my fingers!

So you don’t work in fashion outside of your nail art?

No, I don’t. I’m a Surgical RN back home in Australia and I’ve also worked in Trauma. While I’m transferring my RN license here in the States, I’m currently working for an awesome Chiropractic clinic! I do my nail art as a hobby and a “Me” time while my three Sons and Husband watch Cops (Lol). I’ve been thinking about doing a nail tech class, though!

Superhero Nails
What is your absolute favorite color of polish?
Before I started doing nail art, I was so obsessed with red and pink nail polish. Now, that I do nail art, it’s really hard to choose. I guess my favorite color varies on the nail art that I want to do. Lately, I have found myself using colors that I never dreamed of using before!
How many different polishes do you own?
Is this a trick question? Lol. Well, before I moved to the States, I had about 100 nail polishes. I was so heart broken when I couldn’t take them onto the plane with me! So now I am trying to rebuild my collection and now it’s around about 168 polishes and counting.
Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design? What would you put on her nails?
Cleopatra! Although, she’s not a current celeb, I would have loved to do her nail art for her. It would be awesome to hear her untold stories straight from her lips and to do nail art based on that untold story. That would be interesting to do!
What’s your favorite nail art you’ve done? What inspired you to try it?
Robin Moses has definitely inspired me and taught me a lot about different techniques when it comes to art on nails. I am very thankful to her and her teaching! My favorite nail art would be my Royal Baby nail art. I was so inspired with the fact that fairytales do come true (of course, I also have my own fairytale). Besides, how often do you hear about a future king being born?Royal Baby Nails by Melgin WrightWhat’s your favorite nail trend?
I don’t really follow trends. I just do what floats my nail art boat and go with what my nail art brush tells me to do. I do love doing military-inspired nail art, though. It’s my way to show support to my husband and our troops.
What’s your favorite beauty trend?
My all time favorite beauty trend would be the pin-up look and the smokey eye make up. I adore winged eyeliner for my eyes.
Besides polish, what is your favorite beauty product?
From all the face creams I have ever tried, Pond’s Pearl face cream is the best! It makes your skin the clearest and smoothest! I also can’t live without my Oil of Olay anti-aging eye cream and Nivea cherry lip balm!

Zombie Princess Nails by Melgin WrightWhat is the best part of being involved in beauty?
Ha! My professional background is no way near the beauty industry but, I do love the reaction I get for my nail art from people! I really enjoy people’s sweet comments, smiles, and how their eyes widen with excitement! It reminds me of the same feeling I get when I’ve done something awesome for a patient and they appreciate it. It’s a rewarding feeling!
What was your most recent impulse buy?
Please, don’t think that I am making any excuses but, I’d like to think that my 6 bottles of O.P.I Rapid Dry Top Coat is a predetermined purchase.
What are your favorite beauty tools?
My all-time favorite beauty tools would be my eye shadow brushes, Rimmel eyeliner and nail art brushes!

Blue Bear Nails by Melgin WrightAnything else you’d like to add?
I would like to thank Nail It! Magazine for giving me this amazing opportunity. There are so many talented nail artists out there and I am in complete and utter awe to be here with all of you!  Thank you to all the ladies and gents who have followed and liked my nail art page! Also, I would like to give thanks to our troops (past, present and future) who serve this great country everyday so we can create our art while they maintain our freedom! Say “hi!” to your mom for me!
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