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Bloggers You Should Know: LacqueredMama

Bloggers You Should Know: LacqueredMama


By semick

Meet Jennifer Collins, the creative blogger you know as LacqueredMama! She started only a year ago, but her work is incredible. Get to know her a little better as we Q&A one-on-one.


Us: What got you into nail art?
Jennifer: As a stay-at-home mom, I was looking for a creative way to spend my time. I was browsing Pinterest and came across a photo of a “waterfall” mani done by @thenailpolishchallenge. I thought, “hey…I could do that!” I started stalking nail pages on Instagram…it was all over from there!


Tell us about the first nail art you remember having.
The first nail art I ever did was probably 10 years ago, just a simple polka dot on each nail. I still love polka dots!

What sort of things will readers find on your blog?
The majority of my posts are indie brand reviews. I throw some nail art into the mix every now and then. I plan to start adding more tutorials soon.

LacqueredMama - fav nail art

What’s your favorite nail art you’ve done? What inspired you to try it?
As much as I love bold, geometric patterns, my favorite was a dry brush/rose design. It was inspired by a mani @thenailpolishchallenge had done. I loved how grungy, yet delicate it looked.

What do you do outside your blog?
I became a stay-at-home mom when my son was born. He was a micro preemie and required lots of extra attention for his first few years of life. Being home with him was a difficult decision, but it has all worked out. He is a healthy 3 1/2 year old now! I really enjoy going on mini road trips with my husband and son. We live in Colorado, so a trip to the mountains is always welcome.

How do you juggle nails and other aspects of your life?
For the most part my “nail time” is while my son is at preschool or during nap time! I do all of my swatches and art during that time and then work on my blog in the evening!

What’s one “secret” to a successful blog you can share?
Be consistent. Writing a blog is not as easy as it may look. There is a lot of thought, time and effort put into each post. I generally only post about 5 times a month or so, and even that can be difficult.  I bow down to the ladies that manage to post several times a week and even daily.


What is your absolute favorite color of polish?
I love dark reds.

How many different polishes do you own?
I own approximately 300 polishes and I’d say that 75% of those are indies.

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design?
Lady Gaga because I feel like she’d be up for anything!


What would you put on her nails?
I’m not sure what I’d do, but it would be loud, in your face and involve crazy studs and glitter!

What’s your favorite nail trend? Splatter manis!
I love how chaotically gorgeous they are.

What’s the most surprising thing that has happened since you started your blog?
When a blogger or Instagram account I admire follows me! Ahh. gets me every time. This interview is ranking pretty high on that list though!

What’s your favorite base and top coat to use?
I have recently started using Eliana’s Collection Nail Primer as my base. I often switch between that and OPI Nail Envy. I am having a major love affair with Glisten and Glow‘s HK Girl top coat! I bought my first bottle 7 months ago and never looked back!


What else would you be doing if you didn’t have the blog?
I really don’t know. It’s become such a stress reliever! 🙂

Have any nail art tips?
Of course, #1 would be to practice! I also think it’s important to invest in some good quality nail art brushes, clean up brushes, and acrylic paint!

See Jennifer’s work online:

Instagram: @lacqueredmama
Twitter: @lacqueredmama

Images: Jennifer Collins