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Bloggers You Should Know: Kelly Keeton

Bloggers You Should Know: Kelly Keeton


By niwp_admin

Meet Kelly Keeton, the blogger behind Vampy Varnish:

How did you get into nails?
I have always had a serious love for nail polish, but really became a major collector when I started my blog in September 2008.

What is your favorite polish color?
I love so many colors but when it all boils down, my favorite is olive green.

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to do?
Gwen Stefani because I love her style and she seems like she would be really “normal” to hang out with. Plus we know she loves nails and makeup!

What’s your favorite nail trend?
I really prefer the more subtle trends such as polka dots, stripes or some textures. I am not a fan of 3D nail art or really extreme textures or paintings.

What is your favorite current beauty trend?
I honestly don’t really follow trends. I like what I like, no matter what is considered popular.

What is your favorite beauty product?
It might seem boring but eye shadow primers (my favorite one is Too Faced Shadow Insurance) have saved my sanity! I will never wear eye shadow without them again.

What is the biggest beauty or nail mistake that you are seeing right now?
It bothers me when I see people with various nail lengths, it just looks very unkempt to me. Keep them all the same people!

Do you have any other hobbies that you want to share?
I read a lot, mostly contemporary fiction, and recently have been learning to draw. I also plan on learning how to knit.

What is your favorite nail design that you created?
I haven’t done many designs yet, but so far my favorite is a four-way dot mani using Zoya Farah, Bevin, Evvie and Noot.


Do you have a favorite musician or band?  What design would you like to put on their nails?
This may seem weird, but I would love to paint Maynard Keenan’s nails (he’s the singer from Tool and A Perfect Circle).

What are your trend predictions for 2013?
I think that we are going to see more and more different textured finishes with nail polish. I am already seeing a lot of pastel shades in both nail collection and makeup collections for spring, which I love!


[Images: Kelly Keeton]