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Bloggers You Should Know: Jennifer of The Country Nail

Bloggers You Should Know: Jennifer of The Country Nail


By Junaid

Meet Jennifer, the Southern belle blogger behind The Country Nail! Read on as we get to know her a little better in the interview below.

The Country Nails
What got you into nail art?
I have been doing nail art since I got my first bottle of nail polish from my momma in grade school.

What is your favorite color of nail polish?
China Glaze Hey Sailor (I’m a sucker for sexy classy vintage reds)
The Country Nails
How many polish colors do you own?
Oh geez…since my sweet peach of a hubby will see this, I’ll say 500. Yeah, 500.

Which celebrity’s nails would you like to manicure and what would you do to them?
The one and only Miss Dolly Parton. Even though I love wearing nail art, I crave for my nails to be long and red after every wild style. Just like myself, she loves and wears a lot of classic colors and keeps them long to pick the auto harp and guitar (which I also play as well).
The Country Nails
What’s your favorite nail trend?
I am not much on following trends. I like to wear something because it makes me feel good. If I’m over the moon for something I happen to see and want to try, I go right on ahead and give it a whirl.

What’s your favorite beauty trend?
Well, I’m a country girl and lover of all things vintage. So I think my style and beauty choices are a mix of the two. I love a clean natural look for running errands and taking care of business. When going out and about, I love wearing the classic pin-up style makeup, always making time for a good crisp red lip!
The Country Nails
Besides polish, what is your favorite beauty product?
There are a lot of great products out there, but a beautiful look starts with stellar skin, and for that I turn to Proactiv. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial and I am in no way affiliated with the company, I just believe in their skin care system and it’s totally changed the look and feel of my skin. If you have a nice clean canvas to work with, I think makeup looks a whole heap better!

What is the best part of being in the business of beauty?
For me, it’s trying my best to show folks that all women are beautiful, not just the kind that the magazines and society portray as such. I just happen to be the Christian kind that loves my family, good BBQ, fishing, my hound dog, old things, and creating art of all kinds (even on my fingers). To me, it’s nice to look pretty, but it’s even hotter to strive to be a true lady-like woman who’s beauty comes from her soul by showing kindness, modesty, and a strength that comes from being you’re unique self.
The Country Nails
What was your most recent impulse buy?
A bed!

What do you do outside your blog?
I am the creative mind behind Little Dixie Dazzle; a company that makes midcentury modern-vintage reproduction confetti Lucite jewelry (check our gallery on Instagram @littledixiedazzle).
The Country Nails
How do you juggle nails and other aspects of your life?
Do you have a routine? I fit them in whenever I can. I don’t swatch and take off constantly like other bloggers; I wear mine for a few days, so I just keep them polished and pretty as best as I can.

What else would you be doing if you didn’t have the blog?
I am a big bundle of creative energy. I write, paint, draw, sing, play, craft and create as much as my body will allow me to, and I just go for it. So, I don’t limit myself to just the blog…I try to use all the gifts that God has blessed me with!

What is your favorite beauty tool?
That’s easy! Hot wax, honey!!! I have a ton of dark hair everywhere, and girls like me know that you gotta keep de-fuzzed or you start resembling Chewbacca!

The Country Nails

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