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Bloggers You Should Know: Corynn Musser of Mucking Fusser

Bloggers You Should Know: Corynn Musser of Mucking Fusser


By semick

Meet Corynn Musser, the talented water marble behind blog Mucking Fusser (@mucking_fusser). We talked to her one-on-one to get the scoop on how she got into nails and what a few of her favorites are.


Us: What got you into nail art?
Corynn Musser: One day my friend and I got together to do our nails but I wanted to jazz them up a bit with some nice art so I start browsing online for some inspiration or tutorials. Low and behold, I fell upon the art of water marbling and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to try it out immediately and from then on I started marbling like crazy. I fell into the indie world of polish at the same time, which also helped fuel my love for nail art.

How long have you been writing on your blog?
Once I started posting my looks on Instagram, I realized that I wanted to share more photos, so I started my blog, which I’ve been writing on for a little over 18 months.

Tell us about either the first bottle of nail polish or first manicure you remember having.
When I was young I had this big orange basket full of polish I loved taking around to do other peoples’ nails. I was fortunate enough to experience my first professional manicure at a young age of 6. I always got a different color on each nail so I could make a rainbow since that has always been my favorite “color.”

Mucking Fusser early manicure

One of Corynn’s early manicures

What sort of things will readers find on your blog?
I mainly share water marble nail art (including tutorials for some) and reviews on collections from various polish brands. I also do other nail art from time to time and I’m a big fan of doing something different on each nail. I recently started making video tutorials too!

What’s one of your favorite posts?
One of my favorite blog posts has got to be the one I did on a polish that created with Tatiana of Lumina Lacquer for her Luminated Ladies collection. Actually, getting to have a say in what a polish should look and feel like was an amazing experience. I love the post and pictures I did to show the polish I made, called Mucking Rainbows.

water_marble.PNGWhat’s your favorite nail art you’ve done? What inspired you to try it?
This may be due to its recent nature but I keep finding myself staring back at a rainbow spiral water marble that I did using the Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas collection. If you haven’t seen the collection, you must check it out. They work wonders for water marbling. It’s quite mesmerizing and the rainbow makes it even better. I can’t wait to do it again. Check out the tutorial on my Youtube!

What is your “day job?” What do you do outside your blog?
For the past 4 and ½ years I have been in college gaining my Bachelors of Science in Biology with a Pre-Med concentration. Thankfully I am on the last semester of my undergrad and will be graduating in December. Instead of going to medical school right away, I plan to take some time off to rest my brain from all the chemistry and physics!

How do you juggle nails and other aspects of your life? Do you have a routine?
Balancing nails and my school life has been much harder during my senior year as my classes take up a lot of my time. I feel like I just don’t have enough time to sit and do whatever I’d like at my nail desk. I try to avoid the disease of procrastination by planning out my month and then going week by week. Nail art is such a huge passion I’ve gained over the past two years, but I find myself putting schoolwork before it.


What’s one “secret” to a successful blog you can share?
Having an easy-to-navigate layout and daily posts really help out when maintaining a blog.

What is your absolute favorite color of polish?
Oh that is such a tough question! Well my go-to color tends to be emerald, which fits great with my skin and dark straight hair. When it comes to a finish, my favorite has got to be crèmes since that’s what works best for marbling, but I drool over any and all multi-chromes. Such tricksters with their many colors!

How many different polishes do you own?
I have six nail racks each holding around 100 bottles and then I own a Helmer, which I have started to fill. I haven’t had the chance to document the exact number, but between those and my never-ending Juleps, I’d say I have around 900 or so.

What’s your favorite nail trend?
Water marbling will always be the closest and dearest to my heart when it comes to nail art. I’ve actually seen a huge increase in the amount of water marbles being done nowadays and I just love it! It’s unlike any other technique that I’ve seen and I’ve made it my passion. I also love stamping and nail vinyls as both are easy to use and the designs you can create with them are endless! I’m not too good when it comes to detailed nail art with a brush so that probably has something to do with me loving these techniques.

Blue water marble nail tutorial
See Corynn’s tutorial for these blue water marble nails!

What’s the most surprising thing that has happened since you started your blog?
Since I’ve joined this amazing and ever-growing community of nail art I’ve made so many new friends and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible brands. Again, I even got to make my own polish Mucking Rainbows with the glitter queen Lumina Lacquer. But the most memorable and astonishing occurrence that has mucking happened to be was when I was featured in one issue of Nail It! My work was in an international magazine and I simply couldn’t believe it!

What’s your favorite base and topcoat to use?
Most of the time I use Duri Rejuvacoat base coat as it works wonders to keep my nails strong and healthy. Lately I’ve also been using, Cirque Colors Hold Fast base coat, which applies very thinly and makes my manicures last for days! For top coats, I use HK Girl Glisten & Glow top coat, which never seems to fail. It doesn’t smear nail art, it dries reasonably fast and holds your manicure in for days.


Are you close with other bloggers or indies in the community?
There are simply too many to list! In the past two years I’ve gotten to chat and work with some incredible individuals. I’ve even gotten to meet some of them in person. There really is nothing like sitting with a fellow nail art lover and talking all things polish! During my birthday last year a bunch of fellow nail artists got together and surprised me with water marbles that they had done for my special day. I simply couldn’t believe the love and support I felt and still do feel every day from this lovely village!

What else would you be doing if you didn’t have the blog?
If I didn’t have my blog I’d still be doing nail art no one can stop me…muahahaha!

Have any nail art tips?
If you are just starting out then I’d grab yourself a bottle of Duri Rejuvacoat or OPI Nail Envy to get them pretties nice and strong. They don’t have to be long, but when you have strong nails your nail tend to last longer. I have more tips on my nail care routine on my blog!


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Images: Corynn Musser